Would love help deciding on a new day....

  1. Please show me your day bags to help me decide. I already have Truffle and dark olive on the way. :yes:
  2. Here is my Truffle Day...sorry the pictures are kind of fuzzy. :shame:
    Truffle.jpg Truffle2.jpg
  3. Here are my Day Bags. Rouge VIF, Sapin, Camel & Truffe (all from F'06):

    Bal Day and Chanel CB pics 006 rs.jpg

    I am thinking about (am on list for) the BI in the Day but will decide for sure once I see one IRL.
  4. :wtf: holy buckets!!! :jammin:
  5. :lol: :lol: Funny you should say that because it was your gorgeous Truffe Day bag picture that inspired me to return my very 'Spider webby' looking Purse style in Truffe (so veiny it looked whitish in patches) to get a more matte Truffe Day bag. My favorite Bbag style is the 'Day' (haha, as if you couldn't tell) and there are just so many pretty colors for Fall, it is hard to resist. I love 'Fall colors' in shoes, bags, clothes moreso than 'Spring brighter colors' for me (which is why BI is still in question).
  6. I really love your rouge vif, it looks deeper and darker than the other ones I've seen!
  7. esiders I love you truffle day, so lovely!:heart:
  8. Golden what a great collection of Days!:nuts:
  9. golden - what a great day collection!
    days are my favorite as well - and i also bought a few of the fall colors LOVE fall!!
    hoping for a blue india day as well!
  10. here are my days -


  11. these are my currents .... all from 2005 .... an I still L:heart: VE it :drool: :love: :

    apple-green / bubblegum-pink / ice-blue / magenta (unfortunately sold, I miss her :sad: )
    111-1198.pf_IMG.jpg 111-1199.pf_IMG.jpg 111-1200.pf_IMG.jpg
  12. How about Day bag in Blueberry? i saw at NM and it looks gorgeous. I will try to find a pic for you.:graucho:
  13. The Day is beautiful in Blueberry. I've got one, but I don't have a camera with me at the moment . However, I know someone has a picture of a gorgeous squishy blueberry day in the Documenting Colors thread, because that's what convinced me to order one.
  14. wiggligirl- isn't it gorgeous? i think this color is the best in Day bag and not too veiny either, at least the one i saw.:yes:
  15. I think you need blue since you already have Truffle (I also have one of this beauty!!!!) and Dark Olive...so maybe Blueberry
    or Blue India ....
    and I really hope to post a pic of mine soon :graucho: to help you to decide !!!