Would like to share the Beauty

  1. :heart:
  2. Oh, I love that, it's gorgeous! Congrats!
    Where did you find that beauty?
  3. Very nice bag - never seen this one before - did you just get this? where did you get it and the cost?

  4. NICE!!!!:tup:

    I love the two toned look of it......what a great looking bag!!!!!!:nuts:
  5. gorgeous!:drool::heart::drool:
  6. Yes it is a new bag, Its from the Chanel store in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
  7. Classy and gorgeouse!
  8. Classy And Elegant!!
  9. Tiffanys,

    Did it come in any other color combinations???
  10. beautifulllll
  11. that's gorgeous! i've never seen that combo/bag before! looks like it will go with anything.
  12. Beautiful bag! :drool: Congrats.
  13. gorgeous, congrats.
  14. Gorgeous!
  15. Mmmmmm...I love it!