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  1. I used to buy some LV bags for my wife from time to time. I got her a mirior last year and I think she likes it.

    Last week, I got her a Dentelle Gold Kristen?? maybe wrong spelling, from the LV shop. You know the small one.

    I just find that the bag is still staying in the box with the plastic wrap still on the handle. Never touched.

    Do you think that I made the wrong purchase?:confused1:
  2. hmm maybe you spoil her too much:p j/k you should take her for a night out to dinner and tell her to wear something that will match with her new bag that way she'll use it...
  3. you should ask her to tell you honestly if she likes it or not. if she says no, return it ASAP and get her to pick what she likes instead. there's nothing worse than an unloved LV :yes:
  4. How sweet of you to buy your wife LV! Maybe the Dentelle isn't really her style, and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you. Why don't you take her to the boutique and let her pick out what she would like instead? Let her know that it's ok if she'd like to exchange the Dentelle.
  5. I think you need to ask her just like MrDuck said. Maybe she's waiting for that special occasion. It is a dressy purse. Or maybe she's afraid to ruin it. I know that some people find the Dentelle line intimidating since they feel the stitching is more delicate.
  6. ummm I agree with deluxeduck ... ask your wife whether she likes it or not, if she doesn't like it then return it to LV as soon as possible and get something that she likes instead ;)
  7. I hope she will like it and keep it too! That bag is so hard to get! I hope she realizes that!
  8. Maybe shes afraid to use it? I've had instances where I get something i love so much but since it is precious, i dont want to use it so I just let it sit there and admire it.
  9. You're such a sweet DH!!! I agree, you should just ask her what she thinks of the bag and tell her it's okay if she wants to exchange it for something else rather than let it stay in the box.:yes:
  10. you better ask her ......
  11. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    My hubby used to buy me bags when he's overseas. there was once he got me an expensive bag (to me at that point in time but not anymore :p). i didn't really like it but i know it must be beautiful as i believe in my hubby's taste, confident it'll grow on me :smile:. meanwhile i was afraid to use it as it has lots of embroidery and i don't want to ruin the bag! anyway after 6 months or so i started to use it as my special occasion bag and now 2 years later it's my daily bag -> fully abuse :p. hehe guess it's time for another bag :graucho:

  12. I think ur wife may actually love the bag...but would it be that it's still in the box coz the bag isn't really like an everyday bag? since the size is kinda small :confused1:
  13. You'll have to ask her & do let her know you're a big boy & can handle whatever the answer is!
  14. How did you managed to get your hands on a Kirsten??? I've been waiting for mine... You know maybe she find the bag too pretty to be taken out of the box. So she's keepin it there for the time being until an important function come up... lucky wife...
  15. Yeah..I totally agree!!! BTW..You r so lovely!