Would like to purhcase Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh JJ Satchel - any thoughts?

  1. While I'm a bag buying frenzy, I'm interested in this bag in navy -- it's beautiful and I love the double zip at the top. I like the shape very much. Any pros or cons to this bag?

    Thank you.
  2. It's cute--do you have the measurments on it?

  3. Dimensions: 14"W x 9"H x 7"D.
    Bag sits under arm. Strap drop: 8"
  4. That is very cute! :tup:
  5. I don't have this bag, but I think it's very cute. Plus I love Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! This bag looks very functional : )
  6. I dont have it either but it's super cute and on my wishlist.
  7. I think this bag is very cute, sight unseen. Go to the MJ forum and look it up under a search. I don't mean to steal your fire, but many of the PF member buyers returned the bag because they found the double zipper (they are connected) to be cumbersome and annoying. Too bad, because it is an adorable bag! One zipper would have been plenty as it is a one compartment bag.
  8. have you seen it in person? I have, and wasn't thrilled by the leather. it was a bit stiff and looked cheap compared to other mbymj bags.
  9. Thank you for all your input. I didn't try the zipper and will do so this weekend, when I have time to stop in to Nordstrom. I didn't look closely at the leather, so that's also on my list.

    I apolgoize for not posting this on the Marc Jacobs forum. I'm so used to posting on this forum.
  10. I like it but I agree it does look a little cheaper than the other MBYMJ leather bags.