Would like to purchase Hermes double tour bracelet

  1. I'm in one of my *luxury brand* obsessive modes and saw a pic of the Hermes double tour - watch...and fell in love with it...:drool: Of course I could not afford that, but now I would like maybe a Hapi bracelet...Do they still sell these in Hermes? And for how much?

    I prefer not to go over $200.

    Am thinking about black but MIGHT just get orange just because it's signature Hermes.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. I think the Hapi double tour is around $220. I have the single tour and it was about $170 I think...
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!!

    Do they still sell them in stores?
  4. Yup, check hermes.com.
  5. Not on the US version hermes.com =(
  6. ^ I saw it yesterday.