Would like to figure this out before I'm 50!

  1. What do you guys think about an Ostrich Kelly?

    Let me go into a little more detail here though and preface everything by admitting one tiny little secret....(and please don't hold this against me)...until about a week ago, I haven't been a big fan of ostrich leather. So, imagine my shock and surprise when I fell madly in love with VB's Gold ostrich Kelly on the thread about all her Hermes bags!

    Now, in my quest to narrow down my last (for a long while) handbag purchase I've been pretty much all over the globe with my "wish list". One day it's this, the next day it's that....I drool over everyone's showcase. I'm getting a headache and I need some help.

    Do you think a Gold Ostrich Kelly should be a consideration for someone who: 1. has a 32cm chocolate Kelly, 2. a 31cm black Box bolide, 3. loves anything vintage, 4. wants a FEW wonderful H bags to choose from, 5. has a casual yet somewhat (if I do say so myself) stylish lifestyle.

    And, what about durability, longevity, can it be refurbished.....etc.

    I'm not in any kind of a rush....I just want to make the right decision.

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Hi shopmom! I think a gold ostrich Kelly would be wonderful to own.
    It doesn't matter what or how many bags you own. I am waiting for a cognac ostrich 35 Birkin and can't wait to own it!! It should be lightweight and durable and beautiful! Love it!!
  3. I love that idea. Another idea is to try to get a gold ostrich Plume! A Kelly would also be dee-vine!! Ostrich is wonderful - light, durable and no one does it better than Hermes.
  4. I guess I'm the wrong one to comment on this because I am not really a fan of exotic skins. I'm not familiar with the durability of exotic skins either. Soooooooooooooo ..... since you already have a gorgeous Kelly if it were me I would invest in a 30cm or 35cm chevre Birkin. I think that would fit perfectly with your casual stylish lifestyle.
  5. I think a Gold Ostrich Kelly would be a great addiction to your collection :yes: Ostrich is light and durable plus gold is such a beautiful classic color that it could match with almost anything :love: If you like vintage bag and if you can find one in good condition, I would say go for it ;)
  6. Is it possible to find them in 28cm or just 32cm? Also, in a rigid construction will the leather soften up a bit?

    I NEVER see an ostrich ANYTHING at the store so I'm really in the dark about this.....:shame:
  7. I think ostrich gold kelly is beautiful. It's something very divine & gorgeous where you can present yourself with one once you turn 50.
  8. go for it. a golden ostrich kelly is divine furthemore ostrich leather is a miracle when it comes to durability ageing and rain ( no stains whatsoever and water dries up in a minute) also it can be refurbished really nicely ( afte years and years of wear just chek it into hermès and when the bag comes back it will look like new :flowers:
  9. Yes, a gold kelly would be perfect!! There happens to be one on ebay to drool over if you like.....I love, love my ostrich and I have a casual lifestyle as well....but I have always loved great purses so I don't care if my purse "matches" my lifestyle or not! It's such a unique bag.....and I do also recommend the plume style - that in ostrich would be so pretty and special!! You can't go wrong...
  10. I'm like you--new to the ostrich fan club. I'd say for leather definitely the ostrich, for color you could consider something other than black or brownish colors and go for a shot of color with this one. Your wardrobe colors can help you pick a color that will qualify as a neutral for you (for me, it's blue)
  11. shopmom,
    i am in "shopmom" heaven living thru you!
    I must say.... "H power to you"!
    if i thought only with my heart and not my head, my husband would have put me in a "home for the kooky", by now.
    Believe me, I'd get it in a heartbeat but I used to be a bad girl prior to my serious H interest (high credit card that I must pay off or at least down to a good-conscience level- my husband is "helping" me.)
    By the way, I am 61 years old.
    I must say, tho, saving for H is a marvelous lesson!!!
    I do dip into my H fund tho to take my nieces out occasionally.
    Priorities!!!!! I just know you all can relate!!!! THanks for having coffee with me!!!
  12. shopmom...whatever you do you have to love it. Don't think of it as your collection, but as what you would really use. That is what it is all about anyway.

    I do admire the exotics, but I feel my lifestyle now is casual with my little children and it is expensive to land a bag like that. I would rather have two regular bags than one exotic. I don't feel like I am making that much of a quality sacrifice purchasing a non-exotic.

    I do feel if I went with an ostrich I would choose a gorgeous color and not a neutral. Be bold and adventurous! Ostrich is exotic and your color should be outstanding. (agree with venezia)

    An option (I agree with Kat) since your lifestyle is really casual...get a chevre birkin in an amazing color. LOVE IT!

    Hey, for the amount of money you'd spend on an ostrich birkin....can you get like a plume in ostrich and a chevre birkin? Possibly? That would be amazing if you could get an ostrich and a chevre. YES!!! Think about it.
  13. I'm with Kellybag--go for ostrich in a FANTABULOUS color!
  14. Wow....thank you everyone for all your help! I knew I could count on all of you! Here's the thing....After sleeping on it and now having my morning coffee I can think more rationally. I usually operate straight from the heart but when it comes to a fairly big-ticket item, I need to keep my feet on the ground too. I do like the idea of Ostrich in color and not just a neutral....so I think I'll spend some downtime browsing the Info. Sticky where there's are tons of Ostrich bags in COLORS!

    The other thing that is drawing me in is that the Gold Ostrich Kelly is so vintage-y looking and I'm ALWAYS attracted to that. So I have to really weigh this one. For the amount of money I would spend on this one bag, I could possibly buy one toile/Barenia combo Kelly (which I'm loving too.....LZ had one for the longest time and I'm kicking myself for not getting it) and one other H bag. But is that the way to think? Isn't it better to love just one GREAT bag? I need more coffee.........

    Does Ostrich leather "soften" up some if sewn in the rigid style?
  15. Shopmom, I go through this type of thing everyday with my wishlist. Barenia/Toile Kelly bags do pop up from time to time on ebay, so I'm sure you'll have a chance to snag another one. Do you like the Birkin?