Would like to buy a Mulberry but concerned about reviews - thoughts?

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  1. Does anyone own the bayswater tote? I can’t decide between the bayswater tote and amberely satchel!
  2. I have/had both the Amberley satchel and a bays tote
    I let go of the tote, it was a lovely bag but as a commuter on London transport, i found the longer strap on the satchel and the fact it can be secured better for my needs
  3. What size of amberely do you have? Does it hold a lot?
  4. Just to update :
    The bag was back with me by courier in 8 days from the quote , beautifully packaged and in a new dust bag . All FOC :smile:

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  5. Lovely bag :heart: and amazing service :tup:
  6. On the occasions I have bought from Mulberry's website, I have always had good experience and if I have any queries, they are quick to answer and give me helpful advice.
  7. I’m in the US (Midwest) and a bag I originally got from the Cabazon outlets in CA had some problems with the handles...the piping completely came apart and the leather actually started to peel away. The outlet didn’t handle any repairs, but since it was less than a year since I purchased it, I ended up calling the New York store. Even though it was an outlet bag (and I’d never set foot in their store), they were super helpful and told me to send it to them. I sent it along with a copy of my receipt to their store and they fixed it and returned it to me for free! And it was super fast, I think I had it back about 2 weeks after I shipped it.

    This was two years ago, and the handles still look perfect. They did a good job with the repairs! So unless things have changed dramatically, you could still work with a store even if you didn’t get it there. I have several Mulberry bags and this is the only one where I’ve had an issue...and it was still a positive experience overall!
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  8. I just came back from the Mulberry store in Bond Street and some dinner and the staff were really nice. It was a really lovely evening.
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  9. Maybe this was mentioned earlier.. Mulberry also offers repairs on bags for which you don’t have a receipt and older than 5 years.. Which a well known brand doesn’t do anymore!
    I got several bags’ postman lock changed - They never asked for any receipt and the work was perfect :smile:
  10. Mulberry is my favourite brand. I have a lot of their bags, mostly heritage Bayswaters, lily bags regular and medium and darias. I own two new Bayswaters. I only had issues with the silver chain handle on my black medium lily which they repaired for me for free as it was within a year of purchase. I also had the gold tarnish on my regular lily after about three years which was much older so I had to pay for that repair. Last year my now 7 year old lily was sent to have a new postman’s lock, chain handles and repairs to the piping. It cost me around £240. I got it back with a new dustbag and it looks as good as my brand new black regular lily with silver hardware. I have finally decided I own enough bags now (in the double figures) and I am moving house so will spend on interiors for the near future but I remain delighted with my lovely mulberry bags as they look great and were excellent investments.
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