Would like to buy a Mulberry but concerned about reviews - thoughts?

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  1. Hello all,

    First time poster here! I love Mulberry’s bags and would like to purchase, but in seeking reviews I came across this site with an immense number of negative reviews: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.mulberry.com.

    It’s making me nervous as this bag would be a major investment for me. Does anyone have thoughts as to the current state of Mulberry bags and customer service? Do those reviews seem totally out of left field?

    Thank you!
  2. I'm not quite sure why you would go by reviews; you can search for any brand and it'd be rare any would have three stars or more. Usually it's either people who're extremely dissatisfied, or very impressed that tends to leave comments. LV probably has a rating that'd be very similar to that. All companies would have good or bad.

    Last year in December I purchased a heritage bayswater in natural grain, and it turned out fine. Of course, it's true that there seem to be some quality issues recently, but digging around in the purse forum would give you a better idea than the web.
  3. I haven’t had any issues with my Mulberry bags and I have mostly older but also three newer ones. The newer bags I have are all in small classic grain. I’ve read some negative reviews about the new natural grain leather, but not recently, and as lovingmybags just wrote, she haven’t had any issues with hers.

    There are always good and bad reviews. Good luck with your purchase whichever bag you choose! [emoji4]
  4. I have three Mulberry bags and I’ve no issues what so ever, they are still beautiful and supple and I still get compliments when I carry them
  5. If you are worried about customer services reviews then don’t be. I had the best experience with them 2 weeks before. No issues at all. Super helpful and coordinated everything timely on email. I had to request an exchange.
  6. That's great to hear! Did you go through the website? Wondering because I am in the US so couldn't work with a store.
  7. Yes! I am based in Canada. The whole process was as great as LVs website (if you want a comparison).. had no issues at all.. and almost all of my shopping for luxury bags is online..
  8. My experience with customer service (UK) has always been good to excellent.
    Trustpilot seems to be where people go to log complaints. I checked Burberry (ok score), Samsonite (bad score) and Jo Malone (bad score) so it seems a skewed place to check.
  9. I have a few older Mulberry bags and a couple of newer ones. I've never had a problem with any of them that would require repair. I would not hesitate to buy a new bag if it is a style and color that you like. You can examine it carefully too, once it's in your hands: check the stitching, make sure the hardware is sturdy, that you like the leather and interior and that it functions well for you and holds all your things. Then decide whether to keep it or not.
  10. That is definitely helpful to know--thanks for the perspective!
  11. Dear xxxx

    Required Repair: Replacing the screw on the top plate of the postman's lock.

    Thank you for returning your Ledbury for our attention which has been logged and given a Mulberry repair number xxxxx

    We are pleased to confirm the required repair will be free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.

    Each repair is completed individually by one or more of our highly specialised artisans. We strive to ensure every repair is finished to the highest possible quality standard.

    Our repairs are carried out by hand and some can be very intricate, requiring a longer timeframe. We estimate to complete your repair within 6 weeks of this confirmation.

    Should you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kindest regards

    This is to repair a very old Darwin Oak bag that I bought pre-loved for £110 . I simply sent it in for repair . No grumbles . Email received on 30th November 2018 .

    Great CS in my view .
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  12. I’m in complete agreement with everyone else here. Mulberry makes high quality bags. I have a few bags, a purse and an iPhone case all bought in the last 4 years. Some are the older designs and some new. I have had no issues at all. The leather is fabulous and most don’t have a single mark. A couple have very slight wear to the corners but nothing you wouldn’t expect and their recommended leather gel really helps. The leather types are quite different. My small bays in the original black vegetable tanned leather is stunning but the small classic grain wears well too. I also have a quilted nappa cara which is soft and gorgeous. I have bought online and in store in the UK but have no experience with customer services as I haven’t needed anything!

    If you love a particular mulberry bag, go for it. I am sure you won’t have any regrets!
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  13. I have many Mulberry bags from vintage to 2018. I had a Mitzy that was damaged by a random store in the summer and Mulberry wrote a letter to the store advising them on how much the bag costs and that it could not be repaired and then wrote a second letter for the store to compensate me for the bag. They advised me all the way on how to put in a claim via the companies insurance all for free. They gave me so much support, it really was above and beyond.

    I've been in and out of there store all year with some minor repairs for my older bags even vintage ones. The customer service has been an amazing experience. Even when I went in for collections the staff had me in there chatting for ages about the World cup, religion and history and did not try to sell me a thing.

    My NVT Bayswater is in marvellous condition, in fact oddly enough having her has satisfied my itch for a black Birkin. I really do enjoy all of my Mulberry's. My Alexa and Lily being my favourites and don't get me started on those French purses and card holders I have three in each of those and no regrets.
  14. I watched a video yesterday of a lady using Timpson (Timpson is that UK shoe mender / key cutting shop) shoe polish on a Cara to remove scratches. She said it was better than collonil so I left a comment asking if it waterproofs the bags too because I'd love to try it.
  15. I have 3 Mulberrys - small zipped Bays, Camden and Leighton, all from the new Creative Director. They are all well made. They are all classic grain leather, but the Leighton does not have strong leather scent as the 2, just mild. I prefer strong leather scent though. But I love all 3 of them.

    The Camden and the Leighton are designed to slouch, and the leather surely works beautifully!