Would like thoughts on classic flap vs 2.55 bag

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  1. Hi all,
    I was at Chanel at Saks today as I wanted to try on the different size of the classic flap bags to see what I liked. I realized the mini and small were to too small and focused on the medium. So I would love thoughts on the classic flap vs the 2.55 bags. I assumed I would love a classic flap bag to add to my collection and then the SA brought out the 2.55 226 bag and I fell in love. I always loved the CC on the flap of the classic but the 2.55 just seemed so pretty and perfect and I figured that I have the CC on my tote so could be OK without it on the flap bag. Would love to know what you guys think? I tried a few for comparison. I would be getting it in black but they didn't have any black classic flaps at the store, so I tried what they had.
    The blue bag is the medium flap. It wasn't as big as I thought inside.
    The red is the 2.55 and was the medium size I think.
    The black is the 226 large size. Also, the inside of this bag was black and I thought I saw on the Chanel site that the inside was Burgundy?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts

  2. I have to say that I prefer the style of reissue on you based on these photos! The black reissue has a black interior is because that particular one (with perforated quilts) is seasonal. Good luck deciding!
  3. I'm normally a classic flap girl, but that red reissue is TDF! They all look gorge. Good luck choosing!!
  4. I prefer the 2.55 also. I feel like it exudes understated elegance. It's also the original purse that Coco, herself, created. I know you said you wanted black, but that red looks gorgeous on you! Good luck deciding.
  5. The red looks stunning on you but if you prefer in black do so! Reissue is a gorgeous Chanel
  6. I have both CF and reissue and I love them both. I would go with reissue as its bigger than the medium CF.
  7. Reissue. The red looks amazing on you!
  8. I love the red reissue on you. The black reissue is a seasonal bag
  9. I prefer the 2.55 as well. I have the so black and would like to add another in distressed leather with ghw someday. The red and black look nice on you. The black is seasonal (if you don't mind) as others have already commented.
  10. I love the red reissue on you! Good luck deciding :smile:
  11. I love the reissue on you - great pics! The red is beautiful.
    First, I am biased, I have a red and a black reissue - both are 226s. They are lighter than the Classic Flaps and the 226 has more capacity than the medium Classic Flap.
    Ultimately, you can't go wrong with any of the above options, pick what makes your heart sing.
  12. If you really want black you could have the SA check around other stores for you. Many of us love the 2.55 because it's so lightweight and it has a great pocket feature on the inside back of the bag. Did you also see the beautiful so black Chevron that has come out in the 2.55? There are several pics posted on the forum!
  13. Thank you everyone for the replies!!! I really loved the red too as it was such a pretty shade of red. I will likely go with black so I can use it more. I really appreciate knowing that the black one I was wearing is seasonal. U thought the 2.55 in black always looked like that. I'm trying to save for this bag so not sure if this black will be avail when I'm ready to buy. I also did not know it came in chevron and will search that out to see it as I have been wanting something in chevron. Thanks again! You are all so nice!!

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  14. I like the blue of the classic flap but the red on the reissue looks great on you. I would vote for the red bag.
  15. LOVE the reissue!!! You can always get the timeless black reissue (with burgundy interior) which is non-seasonal. I'm enjoying mine that's for sure!

    PS I noticed your at the CT location and I see one of my sweet SAs busy in the background!