would like some thoughts!

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  1. hi!
    in august i am going to have the opportunity to buy ONE handbag for the year! *gulp*
    financially it's a big year coming up and buying a ton of bags doesn't fit into the equation...
    so, my dh and i talked and came to an agreement...i will buy one AMAZING bag for the year...
    i love the gauffre and was wondering what you guys thought...is it classic enough? i love the nylon, always have...so, any feedback would be great...i can spend about 1300...
    thanks in advance!!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. hmmm..In all honesty..most gauffres are over 1300..There is a gauffre hobo(I have it in camel nylon)..thats 1290..but all my other gauffres are higher in price.Try on all the diff styles and see what suits u most.I found that I love the E/W gauffre style best..it hangs so nicely and has the optional messenger strap.(great for mommies runnin errands!)
  3. oh..i forgot..LOL...to answer yer question..The gauffre is a fab bag.If i could only own ONE bag..It would be my leather cera gauufre!
  4. this is the one i'm loving...what do you think?

    Neiman Marcus
  5. ^THATS the one I have...LOL!

    its a great bag!go for it!
  6. The one you picked is lovely -- as all the Gauffres seem to be! If you're going to pick a Gaufrre, you will have a very sweet bag! Have fun looking, trying them and choosing!

    Yep to Jill! The cera satchel is pure BLISS!
  7. songofthesea - I love that bag! I was thinking about getting that one for "everyday" - I have the cera leather e/w satchel, but it's not for everyday.

    Go for it - which color do you think? I'd recommend the black...

  8. songofthesea, gorgeous bag, i just saw it at jillsconsignment (i believe it's the same one but not 100% sure) this morning for little under 700. i think it's brand new with dustbag.....check it out.