would like some opinions...

  1. ...on my signature striped demi. I ordered it in the chocolate patent trim and like it but not sure if I should keep it, exchange it or return it. Here's my choices:

    1) Keep it; it's cute and is multi-seasonal
    2) Exchange it; punch is adorable!
    3) Return it; the carly demi serves the same purpose (which I now have too) and you don't NEED it!

    OK, enablers! Do your thing! :yes:
    signature stripe demi (Small).jpg
  2. punch baby punch!

    AND keep the carly. :graucho:
  3. ^^^
    What she said!!
  4. ^^^^^ I agree with kallison - definitely keep the carly and #2!

    Enablers, ho!
  5. gosh,

    cant you keep it & get the punch? LOL!

    i would inney minney miney mow it !
  6. when in doubt, choose punch!

    i bought the punch swingpack for a friend...but i'm VERY tempted to keep it for myself now- especially since i took back the tote (i know, sniff...thank goodness for accessories).
  7. Number 2 is the route I'm thinking of going actually but I worry that I won't use it that much. But it'd be good for all of spring and summer! And I am definately keeping the Carly! It is adorable!

    And cha cha: That was not one of the options!! (I actually expected that to be kallison's solution!) haha!
  8. hey, i'm trying to be GOOD here...give me credit where credit is due! (and partially because i just don't care for the brown...)

    i actually think the pink would be fun in winter, too. always nice to have some color, kwim?
  9. ^^ Yes, you were being very good, Kallison and I am proud of you! OK, I'm the one being bad! I just ordered the punch one and will compare the two when I get it! Then I'll send one back! :graucho:
  10. send one back? yeah right!

    i think we know each other too well on here!
  11. i seen the punch in person & it freaken rocks ! I dont like pink or pinkish colors but it soooo pretty.

    the brown stripe purse will not go to waste.it will come in handy i promise you that! Lol ! i like it too.
  12. Punch all the way! How is the size of it, is it too small?
  13. ^^ It is a very small bag but I can get a wristlet, my checkbook and mini skinny in plus my cell phone. That's all I need to carry if I make a quick run to the store or carry a larger tote in addition to the demi. It's just a bit smaller than the Carly Demi because of the width. It also doesn't have as much of a strap drop as the Carly Demi. I'm still undecided but once the punch arrives I'll determine if I'll return one or both.

    I'm trying to fool myself! Shhhhhh......
  14. I say send the chocolate back, keep the punch! Something that tiny would look cute with a color that would pop, punch is great on the demi!!:yes:
  15. I have the demi in punch and love love love it!!!!
    can't get enough of that color with the signature print!!!!
    also have the wristlet with the flower charm on it,
    just need a little skinny to complete the collection