Would like some input on what to do with vintage earrings


Mar 27, 2006
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I have a pair of diamond stud earrings that belonged to my grandmother. She received them from my grandfather on her 50th birthday - she will be turning 95 in June! I would like to turn them into a 3-stone anniversary band but am unsure of the design. Each diamond is right around the .50, round cut, and they match beautifully. Should I go with the traditional round center stone? What about an oval cut stone for the center? Will that look too much like another e-ring? I've also been looking at fancy colored diamonds and like the look but don't know if I should go with something classic. I'm in my 40's but have 11-year old identical twin boys so it should be something that can withstand a bit of rough housing on occasion. Or at least not be something that I need to baby. Any input would be appreciated! Oh, and I already own 2ctw diamond studs or else I would be keeping them as is.


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Dec 1, 2012
I was in a similar situation thinking about resetting my great-grandmother's ring!

I think a third round diamond of the same size (or just slightly larger, around .7ish) would be nice. If you want to mix it up a bit, have you considered putting a halo around the three of them? I love how the Tiffany Three Stone Circlet looks, for instance.

Something along the lines of this could be great, to give you the protection you want, but also to play up the idea of having vintage family stones:

Some oxidization could also give that heirloom feel, with a more delicate setting!

A bezel or half bezel could also protect your stones. Something like this is very modern and chic:

This is a good compromise between modern and classic, and really beautifully unites the stones:


Feb 5, 2013
You might consider another color stone as well.
A large saphire, which is a very durable stone....or even something more unusual?


Dec 30, 2012
Have you considered making them into a different pair of earrings? Drop style?


These would be my ultimate earrings: