Would like some help with Identifing my bags

  1. SO over some time now I've gotten coach bags...and even this year i've added. MY deal is that I have never really noticed what bags I have and now that im in love with PF, reading all the threads I notice everyone knows what "girls" they have. With new inspiration and my long relationship w/ Coach...I want to know.

    Does anyone know how i can figure out what bags i have? Can you figure it out by the # inside?
  2. Serial numbers help, pictures do too, both would be grand :smile:
  3. The ladies here can likely identify a bag either by picture or by serial number or both!
  4. Yea!! okay...
    1. F0849-F13053
    2. L2k-6748
    3. E2k-9223
    4. L0732-F10674
    5. H0869-F10944
    6. M05s-0798
    7. K0785-F11666
  5. 10944 mini sig duffel (or is it duffle?)
    10674 Hamptons scribble satchel
    13053 Optic sig gallery tote
    11666 mini sig shoulder bag
  6. Thanks Shell!
  7. I can't seem to locate the 4-digit bags, just the 5-digit ones (I just did a simple search on *bay). Don't know why that is, perhaps b/c they are older bags?
  8. yes they are older. i'll try to get some pics up to show them
  9. L2K-6748

  10. E2K-9228

  11. M05s-0798

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    It's from the Hamilton line, just trying to figure out the specific model name.
  13. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Coach Ergo Retro Large Zip Womens Handbag[/FONT]
  14. Soho large flap (06 maybe?).

    kudos to you. now i feel educated about my own purses!!