Would like opinions on the red epi speedy

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  1. Hi, if you had to choose between the red epi speedy or damier speedy 30, which would you choose and why? Thanks for any comments:yes:
  2. Red epi:yes: Because it does not sag as much ,it's durable ( mum still has hers which is more than 10 years old and still looks great ) and the colour is hoooot!!!!!:tender:
  3. I would choose The Speedy in Epi (Red) because its just something different you can add to your bag collection - and you know just think of that vibrant color of the red! Its beautiful, and I actually like the silver hardware this time around.

    The Speedy 30 in Damier is great too, and yeah its nice that its the original pattern for LV...but Epi is always something different, and very Classy...and that red color turns me on! MMM... haha.
  4. Red Epi Speedy! The color is gorgeous and it won't sag nearly as much as the Damier Speedy.
  5. I love my damier speedy BUT in this case I would get the red epi speedy b/c the color is gorgeous and the speedy is unique in terms of texture which I think is cool. Also, like others have said there is less sag
  6. Red!! It's such a cheery bag & makes me happy everytime I wear it.
  7. red epi speedy!
  8. the red epi speedy is HOT!
  9. I'll go with the red epi speedy too!
  10. Yes all the way to Red Epi (bias alert, my only LV, LOL!), it's stands out more than Damier and I think one should always go for leather than canvas.
  11. Hi Dickies80, I actually saw this for the first time today at the LV in Palo Alto. It's the one with the silver hardware, its gorgeous:love: I prefer bags with silver hardware since I wear white gold / platinum most of the time. I've been tormented this past week between the Damier Speedy 30 and Damier Alma. Then, OMG, I see the red Epi Speedy :love: :heart: that stopped me in my tracks:wtf: :nuts: Now, I am more confused than ever:hysteric: . I also saw the red Epi Alma. It just didn't look right on me:Push: It looked too big to me for some reason (I'm 5', 105lbs). Damier Alma is more appealing to me than the red Epi Alma. Ohhh, this has been painfulllll. Should I get the red Epi Alma first and then get the Damier Alma later?
  12. Hi, you're right the color is gorgeous:love: I noticed that the structure is better also, hence less sag factor. Thanks for your opinion:smile:
  13. Wow, that's nice to hear. You're so right, the bag is great :heart: the silver hardware also. Thanks for your input.
  14. Red Epi Speedy for sure. Also you can add Black MC pieces and would look great with the red or cerises pieces as well
  15. I love that Red Epi Speedy. Way Better than the Mono or Damier Speedy. I need a red bag, I guess that's why it's calling me.