Would like interior pics of the Ludlow wallet

  1. Hi everyone. I am really interested in the Ludlow wallet and would like to see how people use this wallet. So if you have it and would not mind doing so, please post pics of the interior. Any line (monogram, damier, epi, vernis...) will do. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi there! Give me a minute..I have the Bronze Vernis one and can show you. There isn't anything in it right now though since I only use it when I use my pochettes :smile:
  3. thanks Lvbabydoll!! You're so sweet!
  4. No problem!!
    Ok..so the first one is the snap pocket..I usually carry a little cash in there, maybe a couple of quarters.
    The second picture is the other side; I can only fit in 2 CC's and 2 ID's otherwise it won't snap right.
    It's a cute wallet but doesn't hold much, hence the reason I only use it when I carry a pochette.
    ludlow1.JPG ludlow2.JPG
  5. If I put cards in the snap pocket section instead, how many can fit in there?
  6. Ok, so I grabbed every card I could find (gift cards, Disneyland annual pass etc. lol) and you can fit a lot. But if you don't want it to be bulky, I'd say 8-10 is probably the limit.
  7. sweet! Thanks so much for doing that. I really do appreciate it. :flowers:
  8. Oh no problem! I know it can be hard to judge things like that from pictures alone. I hope that helped :smile:
  9. ^^ That was really helpful....i walways wondered how much you could fit in there. Thanks for the pics!
  10. No problem!! :heart:
  11. Great thread! I am also considering a Ludlow and wasnt sure it would be big enough. As long as it can fit cash and some cards I'm good to go! Thanks ladies!