Would like info on purchasing a Balenciaga?

  1. I am new to the B forum and if I could tag along with VipStyle. Just wondering what is the hype with the B bags. Is it the leather, the size color what? I to have several desinger handbags chanel, lv, and awaiting the arrival of a muse. Based on you B experts I think you might have convinced me to try a city in the cornflower. Does anyone have tha caramel they could post pics? Is there a store the sell th B bags at a discount? Help me make a choice?

    I should have started a new thread.:shame
  2. hey ya! welcome to the PF... i love b-bags! y? its because of the colours and all the styles they come in... check out this great link... http://www.ateliernaff.blogspot.com/ it has so much information about b-bags!
    good luck!!!
  3. I love Bbags for many reasons .... the colors, all the different styles, they are feather light ..... You mentioned you might try a City in cornflower. That's a great choice. That too was my first Bbag. I LOVE it. Here's a pic of it.
  4. Hi Janice,
    If you scroll down on this link, there is a Caramel Twiggy featured. There might be different variations, but this will give you a starting point.

    Also, as far as a sale, the only one I have seen is the one at Shirise posted by those this weekend. Awesome deal. I think Balenciaga is more like LV, in that they don't have sales, and if you find a deal, it is extremely rare. Hence, the fever pitch on the board today!

    On a side note, these are the only bags that I don't feel a bit sick about when I see the price tag. :biggrin: I honestly feel that they are worth it. If you need more help, just ask! I had dozens of questions before I ordered mine, and others were so helpful! :flowers:
  5. When I joined the PF, I was a little incredulous that someone would pay that much for a bag that looked, well, that looked like ... that! The tassles, the mirror, kitch, kitch, kitch.

    Fast forward two or three weeks, I am in Saks looking for a MJ Blake, I see "Balenciaga" and think, hmmm. I go and look and the next day I go back and walk out with a Twiggy in the cornflower. There is just something so luscious about them. First of all, the colours. The colours! The cornflowers is a great colour, mine is a denimy blue and it's just gorgeous. My next will be the rouille Twiggy. I am partial to the long, not as deep style, for myself. Second of all, the leather, is very slouchy, soft and wonderful. It just feels amazing! (and I am talking from 4 days of exposure to them! Friday was the first time I carried one!)

    If you are unsure about it, without the ability to go and look at them in person. I would see who does 30 days returns, order one and see what you think. That way you can try it out and if it's not for you, return it, and only be out the shipping.

    I hope you will try it, it's worth it.

    I wish you well,

  6. Great recommendation I think on Monday I will order the Twiggy in cornflower as well. Thanks for your help!
  7. oh totally get a cornflower twiggy!!! woo hoo!!! you wont regret the choice!!!
  8. Yay! Another convert. It seems very obnoxious of me to say, but once you touch it, and see the colour, I can't imagine you sending it back! I do hope you will love it. Please post pictures and let us know how it goes?

    I wish you well,