would like another bag but.....

  1. Would like a winter friendly bag but, I think it is too much $$$ to ask for a Daimer Papillion and I have too much on the cc...think I will use my black leather Prada which is 5 years old and looks almost like new for the winter months...tonight I was thinking it is insane that a nice bag costs 800-900 dollars plus taxes...it is just too expensive to get another and I am afraid to ask because I am pretty sure the answer will be :wtf: . pay off my last bag and get on the path of the straight and narrow...will this bag love affair ever end...it is :nuts: !!!! My older bags will be my winter bags and I will keep my lovely pricey 2 LV bags nice...would hate to wreck the vachette with the winter climate and all. Tonight it was raining and I took my Prada out and it felt nice...this bag has been so neglected and it is the perfect winter shoulder bag. Sane and happy with what I have but, always wanting another bag.....
  2. Sounds like you came to a good solution. It has also been raining here, and even though epi is durable, I hate carrying it in the rain.
  3. Yes, I definitely think you made the right decision.
  4. :nuts: Just like me!!!

    I had to call it quits on getting anymore bags....for me it will be untill one of my LVs fall apart....it makes sense to me and it is really time to enjoy my purchases...rather than keep indulging in wants...b/c there will never be an end to that....:P

    I also bought several Prada bags to carry in the rain and they are wonderful! So carefree and functional...sounds like your on the right path!!!!!!!!
  5. lol.. girl, we women will ALWAYS 'want' another bag.. it's like, embedded in our DNA or something! I say just stay with what you have first, there will always be new ones, and the classic ones aren't going anywhere. Take a step back and admire what you have (for now). I went on a total LV splurge in the last 3 months, and now I REALLY have to take a deep breath and think logically before I hit the 'BUY' button. Maybe wait till you pay off all the cards first?
  6. all u girls need is ONE damier in your collection!!!!!! if u have it..use it for winter! :graucho: if not, i LOVE your conclusion, LVpug, because that's what i'm planning right now!! to use all my bags so that i don't keep getting more! good for the bank account, good for me!
  7. I stopped after 2 LVs cause I didn't have any $ after that and I'm glad that I didn't cause I think my 2 is enough. Maybe 1 a year after that but definitely not blowing all my $ on LV all the time.
  8. My new self imposed rule is two bags a year---one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter.
    I am allowing myself to purchase accessories throughout the year, and my bf is well aware that for any special occasion (anniversaries, valentine's day etc etc ) he can jump right in with something too!!:P
  9. I've gone way overboard too (around 15-20 LV items in the past 5-6 months). I have a solid list of around 10 more bags.....and most of them are permanent.....so I think 1 bag every 4 months and an accessory in between should hold me off!
  10. I just bought my first LV (mono speedy 35) this summer and that already blew my wallet (the bag and my excessive jean expenditure), I figure 1 lv a year is sufficient cuz then my other bags don't get properly used (and I feel bad). haha...women and their crazy logic!
  11. Thanks gang...2 LV bags is enough for right now...I think I want the pochette accessoire extender for x-mas because it would make my pouchette accessoire into an evening bag...smart huh....so that would mean I have 3 LV bags without having to buy a new one. I do so love the accessories...so tempting...enough...

    Rensky you are tempting with the darn daimer...I love the papillion in that line because I have a mono speedy and if I ever got a daimer I would want a different Iconic shape...currently both of my LV bags are Iconic shaped ones the Speedy and LH....it is the history and knowing that they have been around forever and will not go out of style...that is the way I justified the expense of my speedy and LH...would never get a runway or temporary bag for that reason...ohhh the lovely daimer..see what you have done...lol

    Kathyrose...I like you have 2 LV's and I think that is pretty darn good for the moment..it is not like I am super wealthy so I am fairly content infact I feel lucky to have 2 LV bags...

    Twiggers...girlfriend I do not know how you do it but, it beats gambling and the resale on LV is good...you are investing in LV...love that and you are toning it down that is good...accessoires inbetween bag purchases great idea...I think I love the accessoires more than the bags if that is possible...cannot wait to see your new stuff...

    mickloisme you sound so wise I will try to be like you..are you ever tempted just a little...TPF is not good for me...

    kookie you are another voice of reason thank you...yes will pay off the cc cards first before any more stuff... I owe too much right now and it bugs me but, I do love my new stuff....darn I need a second income...keep me on track...

    Smith and tauketula it is an economical solution at best...

    just_jill325 another wise one I like that 1 bag a year...that is tough because I am addicted thank you and I am going to make an honest effort...
  12. Oh I am tempted each and every day and tPF is a mixed blessing, definitely!
    I have fallen in and out of love with hundreds of bags in just a few short weeks I have been lurking! It's a bit crazy, ( but fun too!) as long as you don't let it go beyond your financial means! You're being smart yourself by reasearching and investing in iconic bags that will always be classics. I try to resist the fads and do the same!
  13. sigh i think im going crazy over LV too. i cant stop thinking about it. arghh. and im still a poor college student. i need to work extra to finance all those spendings. however, with the exams coming up... i cant afford the time

    no work = no money
  14. I have a plan to somehow buy my MC Petit Noe in March. I think its a good plan to save for the purse(s) that you really want. I think I'll be happy after I get this Petit Noe, or really any Noe. I might fall in love with an Epi Noe. I didn't dare try any Epi ones on me when I got my Speedy lol. Or maybe one would of come home with me. I think after trying various purses, it was the Speedy I wanted. And I'll be happy with probably buying 1 purse a year now, and accessories like a Mono Wallet, MC Wallet, an Agenda. Things that I use everyday like a Scarf. Thats another thing I really want is a scarf. But my wish list always changes lol. This place is bad bad bad, but bad in a good way. I might fall in love with an Epi Speedy lol. But thats my target is to buy something in March at a Holts Renfrew, because I heard they have a good sale. I'll want to take advantage of this for sure! :P To buy another LV accessory.
  15. LVPug! I am so happy that you have come to your decision. I know how easy it is to get all fired up and obsess for weeks:s But I just wait it out until I have cooled down and then try to reevaluate. If I still need it, I am going to pay off my CC 1st and then make my purchase next year. Maybe only limit it to one a year. Anyways, these bags aren't going anywhere anytime soon! C'mon, we can do it!
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