would like an opinion!

  1. Dooney & Bourke: Annalisa Leather Large Lock Sac
    the leather on this bag is tdf...i haven't owned a dooney in over 20 years...(too busy collecting kooba, lv, bbags, rm, coach...)...i know that a lot of people on here aren't thrilled with dooney, but i was wondering what you'd think of this bag in blue with a scarf or something on it? i really love the look...
    tia for the opinions!:ty:
  2. I've actually been looking at this style, it's just really beautiful! It looks like such a comfortable bag for your arm too!
  3. I have never been a big dooney fan but this one is pretty nice! I love the blue color! And if the leather is nice and yummy...I say go for it! Nice price too!
  4. I really like that color, but not the bag. It's way too small for me anyway.
    But GET WHAT YOU LOVE! I fully support freedom of choice, and that blue is gorgeous.
  5. The blue looks amazing (at least on my laptop screen!) and goes really well with the silver HW. The style looks like it would be easy to carry, but I think that flap/lock would annoy me. I really like that it's clean and logo-less.
  6. The flap/lock would make it hard to get into the bag. I do love the colour though.
  7. It's not really my style but I always usually can see some beauty in a bag. And that bag isn't bad at all. I guess it depends on what kind of scarf/accessory you're going to add. I'm not really sure about the scarf though. Maybe like a little fob keychain like ones that Coach makes?
  8. It is hard to get into my Inka big clip BTW - I always end up with the clip hanging over the "wrong" side of the bag when the bag is on my shoulder. But the shoulder strap really stays on my shoulder and it is very comfortable.
  9. i have an old leather clip hobo from coach that reminds me of. my first coach bag that i got 7 years ago and still love to use. if you like it, id say go for it
  10. I think it's nice. IMHO their leather bags are nice looking and good quality. I don't like their logo bags....but I don't like logo bags in general. I had a Dooney bag from their Alto line with a dogleash clasp similar to the one you're looking at and the clasp failed after some time. (I think they will fix it w/o charge if you pay full price but not if you but at outlet) But I used the bag every day. You probably have many bags and will be switching so it may not be an issue for you.
  11. I like it, it does remind me of the a Coach bag.
  12. I haven't been a fan of Dooney since they started making all the prints that were too young for me, but I always loved my Dooney bags of the past. The quality was excellent and they always held up well. That blue is really pretty and the style is nice, so buy what you like and remember that most people in the real world don't know anything about bags. You just happen to be hanging out here with a different type of crowd that knows way too much.:yes:
  13. I saw this in a tan colour irl and it was gorgeous. The leather was really nice too. I think it would look great in blue.
  14. This is a D&B bag I'd wear. Just make sure you can get in and out of the bag (because of that clip situation).