Would Like Advice from Madeline Owners

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  1. I've long wanted a carryall of some sort but it seems that so many of the models don't fit over the shoulder well. Can those of you who have Madelines tell me how comfortable they are and if they retain their structure over time?

    I've been sitting on a merch credit for awhile and would love a carryall style but it's got to be comfortable.

    Anyone care to share thoughts and pics? Thank you!:rolleyes:
  2. I carry my Madeline over the shoulder - it's the medium size and for reference, I am 5'3" and 125 pounds. I can fit it on my shoulder over a coat. I really love it! The leather is structured so it definitely holds its shape. I've been carrying it for about 3 weeks now and it's great!
  3. I have the Large Brown/Signature Khaki Madeline. It's pretty heavy for me, though. I'm 5'4 1/2'' but I like it still. I could put a few books in here and it'll be really heavy. Not a good combination for me to carry this along with my already heavy backpack.

    I took a picture of myself wearing the Madeline.


    Overall I like it, though. It has plenty of space and looks great. I just wish it wasn't so heavy. If I knew that Macy's had the smaller Maddies I would've bought that instead. Oh well.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, I had this for a month now. I believe I bought it around mid-February.
  4. I love my large Madeline, she is very comfortable and sits great on my shoulder--I am 5'7 and she falls at just the right length. She isn't as heavy as you would think considering she is actually quite large! She holds her shape GREAT and can hold tons of things. I think she looks great dressed up or down and I always get tons of compliments when I carry her. I think you will definitely love her!
  5. I got the medium the other day and it fits over my shoulder with my wool coat. I'm 5'6, 140lb. I'll take a modeling pic tonight for ya. =)
  6. Candy...thanks...I would love a modeling pic! That would help a lot.

    MissAmi, Sadgiraffe and Sari...thank you for your help. I love some of the earlier hampton carryall styles but they always seemed to have such a short drop length, and i'm a shoulder bag girl. I just can't seem to manage three kids and a hand carry bag...it's a recipe for disaster at the grocery store!
  7. What size are you looking for? The Madeline comes in oh so many sizes!
  8. I'm trying to decide between the medium and the large...I tend to be a bigger bag girl but I want it to be comfortable enough to use as an everyday bag for spring...
  9. I have the medium and I like it a lot. I think personally the large would be too big for me as an everyday bag (I'm 5'8) both in size and capacity. I could probably handle the large, but like, it would be really empty because I only fill the medium up half way as it is now.
  10. HOW DO THEY STAY ON THE SHOULDER?? I am thinking of getting a leather medium. I am 5'2 185 for reference.
  11. i have the madeline and it has MORE than enough room for all of my stuff. it also fits comfortably over my shoulder (though it hasn't been cold enough for me to try it with a coat?).

    I don't think it's the medium madeline (which retails for $358) b/c mine was $428... so is that the bigger one? It's definitely not the business madeline (which retails for $498)
  12. Thank you ladies~ I'm still trying to decide betwen the medium and the large...I think I should go with the medium because I have a habit of carrying too much stuff, so this would help me tame that habit!

    If anyone else wants to share ideas or post pics, I'd love to see them!
  13. Hi!!! I have the large Madeline in Khaki/Mahogany, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with this bag...I keep trying to rotate bags, but everytime I do, I end up switching back to the Madeline...it's a great size, I can find stuff in it, it stays on my shoulder, and it's not heavy. I am 5'2" and "bigger" but I'm not telling my weight, so....when I get home, I will post a pic of myself wearing the bag. I'm not on my home computer, so I can't post it now, but I promise I will post it when I get home!
  14. LA..that would be wonderful, thank you!
  15. I have the business tote in leather ( slightly bigger than the large) and it holds A LOT. I love the size though.. I don't think a medium would have been a good size for me, but large would have worked. The leather is a bit heavier than the Signature, of course.. but I don't find it too heavy and surprisingly it stays on my shoulder well even though it's 2 straps.

    here are my pics..


    Comparing sizes with a medium carryall


    Modeling Pics... :rolleyes: