Food Would like a restaurant recommendation in New York please help? Tourist!


Oct 28, 2009
I'm visiting New York from England next week:yahoo:

I've been looking for hours and hours for a restaurant but just cant find the right one.

-I'd like one that is near to midtown ( but doesnt have to be in midtown so long as its not downtown)
-Not full of tourists
-max of $30 each for main
- Would prefer to go to an American restaurants or get steak/meats.
-Can get a little dressed up, myself and my mum want to wear a nice dress however all the restaurants i seem to find in my price range are too casual and we dont want to look out of place.

Incase theres any offer on certain restaurants we are there 19th- 24th November.

Hope ive given enough information, if you need anymore please let us know.

Thank you.