Would It Matter too You....

  1. Is too much equality between men and women bad for marital happiness?

    Are wives happier when their husbands are the major breadwinners?

    Would it matter too you if you were the major 'breadwinner' in the family ?

    What are your thoughts and experiences.
  2. Oh so such a lonely thread!

    Hmm...I'ld rather my husband work and I spend the money. lol... honestly :smile:
  3. My rule when I was dating that I had to date a man who made more money than me!?! Therefore I had a certain income level for all of my dates. I have always been upfront and honest about it. Some pople might call me a golddigger but I WILL not support a man! I made excellent money and I wanted someone on my level. Thanks Goodness I found him!
  4. I would prefer if my husband worked and I was the traditional housewife. While I love my career and loved my job, I would love to take a break and stay home and not have to worry about money and expenses. Right now I cannot do that but hopefully someday.
  5. My husband quit his job last year (before we got married) to start his own business. He's doing quite well but right now we are living off my income so he can feed his $$ back into his business. He actually would like for me to "retire" eventually and live the life of leisure since I work so hard now. Don't know if I could, though...I like having my "own" money. It hasn't been a hardship at all and he loves to give me big lumps of cash now and then to spend as I see fit, Also he is VERY generous on gift-giving occassions like b'day, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. He's promised to buy me my first Chanel for Xmas!
  6. My husband likes to joke that he married me for my earnings potential since the place where I work offers a lot of opportunity for advancement. But I don't think I would ever want to make more than he does. I've been in that kind of relationship and it was always very uncomfortable - I hated paying for everything and feeling guilty when he tried to pay for something.

    Luckily my hubby has always made more than me and probably will as he is finishing up more education which will get him a raise. :smile: Woohoo! I'd LOVE to stay home and do my jewelry full time and take care of kids when we have them.
  7. I am a firm believer in women's rights and equality. But, that doesn't mean that I think a woman shouldn't stay home and be a homemaker. She should have the option to do either or both. I think that's what modern feminism should be, that you have the option to do what you want with your life. There's not one little box that fits everyone, we're all individuals with our own wants and needs. Human beings, male or female are equal and should be equal in my opinion.
  8. I just recently got a new job where I make half again what DH makes. We are thrilled! We both work full-time, and both do cleaning, etc around the house. We have always felt that we are a team. There have been times when one makes more than the other, but it is for both of us anyway, so we just see it as good fortune and are thankful!
  9. I think it's all relative. It depends on the couple and what workd for them.
  10. I'm going to be sitting on one massive empire and whether I do or not have a husband to stand by me, I couldn't care less. I'll fall in love with my job long before I give my heart away to anyone else ever again.
  11. I think it depends on each individual person, but right now he's making more than I am, but if in future, I make more than him, it won't matter to me, cause like Pippi mentioned above :smile: ,the $$$ is for both of us!

  12. Mine currently makes way more than me because I am living on a grad student stipend. Once finished I will be making probably around the same or more than him (especially after tenure). He's been basically supporting me for 7 years...and when I'm done he plans on opening his own business.
    He says the responsibility is too much for him and can't wait until we're on equal levels....I don't blame him...it is a lot of stress sometimes for the primary breadwinner (I mean if he lost his job I don't make enough to keep us living the way we currently do).
    We share everything right now and even when I make more it'll still be the same way! I just told him he needs to make just enough to support his expensive toy habit.
  13. I have changed my mind on this subject 360 degrees....

    B/f my son....I wanted to make my own money and have my own life while being married...that is the way I am and I needed to hold on to my identiy and freedom instead of depending upon someone...although I wanted the guy to make more money vs. me...

    After my son....I think that the guy should be the bread winner b/c I need to take care of my son. In order to really do that the way I want...I could not have a career...I am now back in school and will become a teacher....to have more time in my life for my son and family. I used to work and run around trying to do everything and now that I look back...it was crazy and I would never do that again. Im gald that my hubbies business is doing well....

    Ive decided to put some comforts or luxuries of living behind to make my realtionship with my family more important...honestly...my son has become more close and better off since I decided to stay home...it made a huge difference in him and in me.
  14. Good for you!!! :yahoo:
  15. I prefer making money after I get married and if I have kids ... The reason for this being that I do not want to feel guilty for spending money on things that I want, and if it's my own money then my other half should have no grounds to complain as long as I'm not in debt and there's enough money to take care of the daily needs ...

    That said, with my working it will also mean that I expect my other half to share the housework and taking care of the kids (if he also works) ... A troubling trend I found these days is that a lot of women are working AND still have to take care of ALL the household chores when they get home while their counterpart still prefer to do the lounging around when they get home.

    I feel that if both parties are working, then both should divide the work equally whether it be outside or inside the house. It's either that or one party takes care of external matters while the other takes care of internal matters