Would it make sense if I put this on my listing?

  1. "Returns: As this item is 100% authentic, and due to costly listing fees, all sales are final. Please contact me if you have any concerns. "

    and ALSO do the security tag thing?

    But if there's a security tag, wouldn't that mean I accept returns?

    Without the security tag, they can switch and claim that it is fake.

  2. I think you're on the right track. For example, on my listings, I put:

    "No returns will be accepted for buyer's remorse. I am not a retail store, and unfortunately cannot accept all returns for any reason."

    Also, when a question comes up, I answer as follows:

    I will accept returns within 7 days on the basis of item misrepresentation. Communication with me is key. I feel I have disclosed every flaw/imperfection with the item - I have never had a buyer return an item!! Because I'm not a retail store and I do eBay as a hobby and a pasttime, NOT my business, I cannot just accept returns for a buyer changing their mind. I hope you understand. Thank you! sarah isellauthenticb*gs
  3. I've not sold on eBay yet, but I definitely agree with your "No Returns" policy and would also definitely use a security tag if I was selling to a buyer I didn't know in order to protect myself.
  4. Thank you Sarah and Couture!
  5. Wow! Thats really good, I like that! :tup:
  6. I have to say, I think this opens you up to trouble. You don't accept returns but you will if the item was misrepresented? Have you been selling a long time? I think if you leave the door open that you might return for any reason, you are headed for trouble.
  7. This is what I include in my listings. Take from it what you want...

    Ebay is like a nation-wide garage sale not a retail store. If you want something that can be returned ~ please do not shop my auctions. Please do your shopping at a retail store where you can be accommodated. I guarantee my items are 100% authentic. I describe all items completely ~ and try to go into so much detail, that in most cases your item will arrive better than expected. If you get your item and you decide for some reason you don’t want it. Sell it.

    All items are photographed and documented prior to shipment. You will also find a zip tie on the bag when it arrives. That is my protection in the case that a bait and switch is attempted. I am a seller of REAL - AUTHENTIC items and I take care to protect myself from scammers. If for some unforeseen reason this transaction is not completed, the bag must be returned with the zip tie intact ~ once it is removed the item will not be accepted as the item that was originally sent to you. I keep all details of my transactions for 12 months including all emailed correspondence, photos, and written documentation of specific bag characteristics, which can ultimately be used as evidence.
  8. I include in my auctions Returns for authenticity only, but this will not be an issue because, as always, authenticity is 100% absolutely guaranteed.
  9. I can't stress it enough, my item is authentic! heh. This is stressing me out! But I just re-listed for the auction to end at a much better time. Hopefully this time it goes well!

    I love your avatar! That spoiled brat! jk!

  10. Maybe I will expand on that by pointing out that "misrepresentation" to me is defined as omitting (whether intentionally or not) flaws or imperfections with the item. Like if it was my fault that I forgot to say "There is a small spot in the lining of the bag". I would honor a return (because it would be my fault).

    My language was meant to imply that I can't just accept returns like a store (i.e., color isn't as expected, doesn't fit, etc. etc.)
  11. I do not include a return policy in any of my listings and I have yet to have anybody want to return anything. The only problem I have had is with non paying buyers. Saying nothing about returns in a listing does not commit you either way. If a listing does not specify a return policy I assume returns are not accepted. I personally don't like listings that contain a lot of stipulations.