Would it bother you?

  1. I was just thinking about something. Some people say that certain brands say they are made in France, but are really from China. Let's say your bag said made in France (or Spain, or Italy, ect.) but was really made somewhere else like say America. It wasn't made in a sweatshop, but made in another factory. Would it bother you? :confused1: I don't know how I'd feel. :shame:
  2. I am not sure why it bothers everyone so much that things are made in China....I have been to a handbag factory there...and all of the bags are made by hand. Obviously when things are not done by machine...you have to leave some room for human error...but as far as the quality being worse just because it is made in China...I don't feel that way!
  3. China needs better labor laws before I will feel comfortable knowing my clothing was made there. I try to just not think about it.
  4. I'm always upset by lies.
  5. Agree
  6. I agree, too. :yes:

    If it made no difference where they were made, why would they lie in the first place?

    Not that I think they do lie.
  7. It would bother me when I pay an arm and a leg for something that's supposed to be made Italy where the labour costs are much more expensive and than find it that it got ripped off and the bag was actually made for a fraction of the costs in China. I would never ever buy from that company again abecause for me it's a breach of trust.
    Kooba make their bags in China but price them as they were made in a western country and that's why I never would buy one of their bags for full price just on sale.
  8. How would you know? You usually go by what it says inside the bag~~"made in ________".

    I wouldn't care anyway. I would judge the bag by the quality of it, and if I loved it, regardless where it was made.

    This holds true for cosmetics as well. Did you know most brands of skin care products and makeup that are supposedly French have factories here in the U.S. that makes it for them? Like Chanel, Lancome, and Biotherm??? When you buy these lines overseas, many of the products can be quite different from the lines here.
  9. Excellent point!:yes:
  10. I'm not bothered by WHERE they are made but rather where they SAY they were made. I don't like being mislead or just plain lied to.
  11. Actually if you're talking about designer stuff. Influx of designer items as well as high end electronics has raised China's standards for labor. Simply, people expect better conditions. (This isn't true in western China yet, but in places with lots of high quality factories, like the areas close to Hong Kong, the work condition and salaries are setting better standards for the rset of the country).
  12. It would bother me a great deal b/c..it says one thing but is another...

    Not that China makes things bad...but like LV...I pay to have artisians make my bag with their mateirals....and they say that it is made in France, Spain, or U.S.A....but to have them import it and lie about it would be wrong.....:yes:
  13. Ditto. If it's made in China, so what? I don't mind if the quality is good. They do make nice clothing and beaded bags. Making us think they're made somewhere else than where they really are is basically lying to us and that I do not like.
  14. I, too, am upset by lies. Usually, I like to have bags made in "their" country. Like LV and France. I like it when an LV bag says made in France, I just think it adds something.
  15. I wouldnt want to buy a designer bag thats MADE IN CHINA.....