Would it bother you?

  1. I was watching this show the other night with my friend. In the show the guy was selling something, but didn't want to sell it to the other guy because he wanted to destory it to make art. So, I didn't see the big deal. My friend said what if it was your purse. So, I think it peeve me. So, would it bother you if you sold a purse to someone and they only wanted it to basically destory it? :confused1:
  2. Technically, once you sell something you have no further claim to it. If I did sell it and received the asking price, the other party would have fulfilled their obligation to me.

    I wouldn't sell if I still had an attachment to the item (hence why I don't sell my bags).
  3. No wouldn't bother me. If I was selling it, it would mean I no longer wanted it, so therefore why would it bother me what was going to happen to it.
  4. This particular situation wouldn't bother me. At least he's destroying it to do something productive with it.
  5. I think it would bother me - but I would have to accept it - since I did agree to selling the bag...

    Which would also explain why my rate of buying bags is so much faster than selling them hahaah
  6. I don't need to know what someone is doing to the bag I sell them. They could use it scoop up dog poop for all I care.
  7. As long as they've paid me for the bag, I don't care what they do with it after that.
  8. I'd like to see what they would do with it!
  9. i've heard of some stories of people who get completely attached to material things...perhaps its a reminder of what someone has gone through? i know someone who was VERY PICKY about who bought her beat up 1979 volvo... i mean this thing was fugly with a few dents here and there and a broken stereo! but she grew up with it and it brought back fond memories... so she wanted to make sure when it was time to move on, that her volvo had a nice new home...
  10. Im like this ...my dad and I are in the process of selling our house right now and I keep thinking in my head "I want the people that buy the house to really LOVE the house the way I do and take care of it ...not just think about it as a house but a HOME"....but in my defense its quite a beautiful house:heart: ...haha im still weird tho!
  11. Yes, of course. :yes:

    As I've mentioned before, I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beautiful antiques and I have always felt that we don't, truly, own beautiful things that were designed and made by other people.

    I believe that objects are ours to enjoy, fully, while we are alive, but they are not, morally, ours to intentionally destroy; unless we created them ourselves.

    I feel we have a responsibility to, as far as possible, try to look after them for future generations (not, necessarily, our own children, but the people of the future, in general).

    If I sold a bag, I would hope that the buyer would use it and enjoy it, but would try to look after it, as far as possible.

    So, yes, somebody buying my bag just to destroy it, would be quite upsetting.

    Having said that, if the person was going to produce art that was as good, or better, than the original design of the bag, then I would probably be OK with it; but what are the chances of that?! :lol:
  12. It's ok with me. It's no longer MY bag :smile:
  13. If I were selling something that had been very dear to me, and I was thinking of selling it as a way to find it a good home, yes.

    If I were selling something that I consider to be art already, yes, but for different reasons.

    This is not something that comes up for me, because I don't buy expensive things, I don't think of them as liquid assets in the way that some people do. There are people here who buy and sell bags the way some people do real estate! (And on tonight's exciting episode of Flip That Bag...)

    So I would be more likely to be giving the things away as opposed to selling them, but the same feelings, etc as stated in the first paragraphs still apply.
  14. If it was something that I loved and had senitmental value I think it would bother me, but if I sold it then its not mine anymore so I have no say what they could do to it.
  15. no way.. you're not weird at all!!!

    i bought my house about 2 years ago... since i was dealing with a realtor, i did not get to meet the sellers until right before we closed on the house.. after i put my bid in, the seller's realtor asked for a picture of whoever was going to move into the house.. though i thought it was weird, i went along with it coz i fell in-love with the house! so i sent a copy of my family picture... only then did she accept my bid... she said she wanted to make sure that good people bought her house because the house was so precious to her...