Would it bother you?

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  1. I originally posted it in Mansur Gavriel forum, but it's quite dead there :biggrin:

    I got these yesterday and shortly after discovered a possible defect. It's kinda a tiny creased bump. It’s not visible while wearing the shoes of course, just at a closeup inspection. Considering to keep them anyway since I scored them with 70% discount. Would that bother you?
    fullsizeoutput_14f8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_14f6.jpeg
  2. Hard to say bc its white, so things are magnified, but then again its to the back end side of shoe n u got it for 70 off. I'd ask retailer for addl 10% discount n send them the pic. Then decide if the lower price is more acceptable w the defect. Personally tho, I'd return bc white shoes are everywhere now, why pay for defect?
  3. Good point! It’s not the last pair of white shoes on sale in the world! :biggrin:
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  4. Return
  5. Your not happy. If you had to ask return