Would it be weird to have 2 of the same bag in diff. colors?

  1. I've recently fallen in love with the Multicolore line...my question is, do you think it's strange to have 2 of the same bag, one in black and one in white? I really love the Priscilla and have just purchased a black one, and I'm seriously considering getting one in white, too. What do you guys think?
  2. I have the same bag in 4 different colours if it's weird well then just call me fruitcake!
  3. No way, it's not weird. (Just ask the gals over in the bbag forum...lol!)
  4. ^lol
  5. white mc and black mc are so different - at least in my mind. i say go for it if you want it and can afford it!
  6. to me a different color makes it a different bag. i have 4 Speedies from different lines and 2 Bedfords in different colors :p
  7. No way...........You go girl and get what you want!!!
  8. The owner of the black riveting and mono riveting will not be the first to cast stones...
  9. it's normal! It's like having speedy in Damier and Azur, nothing weird about it! I'd say GO for it!:graucho:
  10. not at all ... go for it!
  11. Go for it! I have several of the same bags in different colours but it makes all the difference in the world. Like YeuxHonnettes said, they are like completely different bags. It's great to switch up colours depending on what you wear, the time of day and the season!
  12. Totally Normal And Absolutely Acceptable!!!!
  13. You should definitely indulge, get them them both!
  14. I have four Balenciaga Men's Day Bags in Different colors and another very similar style in a 5th color.. If you love a certain style - Why not grab it up in every color it is made in? I do the same thing with clothing and shoes..
  15. I try to diversify but if you really like it that much I see no problem with having 2 in different colors! I have the several speedies and I'm very happy with that.