would it be weird to get this?

  1. I have a framboise vernis agenda and I really want a framboise zippy wallet. Would it be weird to have both in the same color?
  2. Oh no I love to have my things matching! This would be lovely!
  3. of course not! matching is fabulous!
  4. No, that should be fine to have two same-colored acessories.
  5. I don't think it would be wierd...but it might make it difficult when reaching for your wallet (and accidentally pull out your agend, or vice versa)!?

    I have a Noisette agenda and a Framboise zippy (Pomme too), and LOVE them!!

    Good Luck in your decision!:yes:
  6. No! I try not to match my things, but I love it when others do that (I'm weird, I know :amuse:)... Plus, framboise is gorgeous!
  7. ^^I'm the same, I like to try to get a sample of different colors of different lines, but I love it when others do it.
  8. not weird at all, all the vernis colors are different and I imagine you find a color you like and stick to it is quite the norm. I haven't found my vernis color, I think it's bronze, but I know if I liked a certain vernis color I would probably stick to it. I also think in terms of vernis, matchy matchy looks great and would be my preference. Whereas, I wouldn't nec. pair a mono agenda w/ a mono wallet, I would want to mix it up.
  9. I love matchy-matchy!
  10. get it! matchy matchy is awesome!
  11. Why not? Any excuse to buy LV, I will take it ;)
  12. Go for it, I buy things because I like the colour etc - doesn't matter if I have something already in that line.
    I think they will look great together.:idea:
  13. As long as you like it, there is nothing weird about it!
  14. totally get it, nothing wrong with having the same line
  15. no!!