Would it be too OTT to use a GH Work as a Gym Bag (5 star gym facility for women)

  1. What do you think? If I did get my GH Work, I would want to use it as often as possible. Would it be too weird taking it to the gym too?
  2. IMO, not weird at all.
    When I was in Switzerland, in the super mkt, you have to bring your own plastic bag ..... and I always forgot so, I put all kind of vegetable in my work bag.
    or maybe I'm weird LOL
    I think we can use wherever or whenever we want :biggrin:
  3. If you don't baby your bags- then sure- use it to the max!!
  4. hmmm. I wouldn't use it for a gym bag but that is just me.
  5. I used to use my old LVs as gym bags. Afterall they weren't getting much use- just sitting in the dark in my closet. I suppose it would be okay to use Balenciaga as a gym bag. Not tacky at all. Just filthy rich!
  6. There's never a RIGHT or WRONG...march to the beat of your own drum! That is the essence of style, as well as confidence.
  7. :yes::yahoo::yahoo::okay:

    I completely agree. Just do what you feel like doing - who knows you might even start a trend.
  8. There is no way I would ever put my gym clothes and sneakers into an expensive bag! I bought a large Vera Bradley tote for that. That way it easy to wash also since its cloth.

  9. Yep, I agree with that, too! I think it'd be COOL to use it as a gym bag.... You can always put your stuff post work out in a giant ziplock if you wanted! Like ICB said, you could even begin a trend. :heart:
  10. I agree. I personally wouldn't but it is your money that bought that bag and you can do whatever you want with it.
  11. I'd only be worried that it may get stolen? :confused1:

    I know you said its a 5 star gym facility - but it can happen...

    If thats not an issue then I would go for it for sure!
  12. i AM currently using my Work as a gym bag but I go get my own locker so its safe and i ziplock my clothes & toiletries -its the perfect size and because i'm out all day - i dont drive- i really dont want to lug yet another bag and my work fits everything perfectly so why not?:smile::yes:
  13. heck, i'd use a WORK as my gym bag!!! totally ROCK IT!!! :o)
  14. i would totally use my b-bags as a gym bag but i wouldn't put my bag on those germ infested lockers.
  15. I love all of your styles and opinions! Keep em' coming!