Would it be too awful of me to suggest

  1. making tPF members only just for a short time?

    I know that there are many places on the internets where this tragedy is being discussed, but I am going to be presumptuous and suggest that I am not alone in feeling the need to talk over thoughts and feelings with our sisters and brothers here, in the place that I, and again, I will suggest also others, have come to feel is our internet home.

    So because of the unusual server load, and just until it subsides, I would like to make the extremely unusual suggestion that the management consider ameliorating that just a bit, I know the load will still be huge, there are a lot of members, but any little bit would help, and I think it must be as frustrating for other people as it is for me to be burning to say something, and be thwarted!

    Thank you, and again, I hope that my suggestion will not be taken to mean that I am any less supportive of the openness and inclusion that has allowed me the privilege of coming here in the first place, and taking 6000 words to say what most people can say in about 6.
  2. What is it you are asking them to do? I can't really understand the jist of your post?
  3. I can't really understand either. Do you mean having people join for a limited time then stop posting? Sorry.:shame:
  4. I mean asking guests to come back in a little while, and having the forum be "members only" during that little while, because the server load is so intense.

    I hope that makes it clearer. It just about killed me to scroonch it down into such a small number of words.

    Thank you all for your kindness to the Brevity Challenged.
  5. i understand what you're saying, but i don't think it would really be possible (easily). kwim?
  6. From the admittedly little I know of vBulletin, I don't think that technically it would be a big deal.

    The question, which of course, only the management can answer, would be whether it would be discourteous or otherwise socially inadvisable...
  7. i don't think it would be difficult at all, but i also don't know how much it would help.. wouldn't the lurkers really be more inclined to hang out on the designer/bag boards than in general discussion?
  8. Normally, yes. Today, I don't know, but in any event, I meant the whole forum, not just the "General Discussion" section!
  9. oh i know you did, but since you referred to a particular thread i felt compelled to comment :lol:

    there are quite a few lurkers today though. actually i wish it was always members only, it would give me a (probably false) sense of heightened security.
  10. Well we will have to agree to disagree on the "all the time" aspect :smile:

    But you know what? I don't want to jinx, so I hesitate to say this, but it appears to have gotten MUCH better in the last half hour or so!!
  11. yup, i haven't had any 404s in a while :yes:

    but i still don't like lurkers :push:
  12. Vlad wrote in another thread that the reason the forum was so slow and not working earlier was because of spammers. I would scroll down in the Feedback Dropbox and check out what he wrote.
  13. It is possible with VBulletin. Many forums require registration before you are allowed to view the forum. If you are not registered or logged in, all that is visible is the News and Announcements section.

    Usually it is done to encourage registration and participation (discourage "lurking").
  14. Oh, now there's a thought. :idea:

    LOL I really thought it was upset people huddling into the Purse Forum for comfort.
  15. LOL Shimma! We had some bad seeds slowing us down. . .