would it be stupid of me?

  1. so would it be stupid of me....

    I bought a 36cm HAC in Paris...vache natural leather....(untreated saddle leather).....

    I love it so. I probably have only carried it about a good 5 times...mostly only to shop at the Hermes store.

    I love it...but I am just not ballsy enough to carry it. Its just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. but I am scared of it.

    I love it but don't use it.

    am I stupid to want to sell it? because I know if I do...its not something you can just find anymore...

    I am confused! help!
  2. I say keep it. Keep anything you love is my motto.
  3. GG-- I think you should do what you feel works for you and you won't regret. I personally get really pissed at myself if I buy something and don't use it.... that's just me. But, if you're a collector then you should keep it. It sounds like a beautiful bag.... good luck.
  4. I do love it. I think its beautiful. the leather is amazing....its just I am afraid of natural leathers. I got it in April and I am too afraid just to bust it out and use it.
  5. If you want to sell it then sell it, don't keep something just because you think you "should"
  6. darn it. you know when you have something in the back of your head and you actually verbalize your conflict it becomes clear even though you don't want it to. blah. sad.
  7. I find that once I start getting the thought of selling something then it's a done deal, I've never backed out it. It's the same case that once something is relocated to the eBay selling box then I consider it to no longer be mine
  8. If you feel that horrid panic feeling when carrying it, I would pass it on and replace it with something that makes you feel at ease. When you are tense about something you are carrying it comes across and just isn't flattering. True luxury is feeling fabulous and care free and sounds like this bag doesn't make you feel very care free.

    Some of the natural leathers that I've seen that are very loved look wonderful. Even the drops of random liquid seem to add the character of the piece. Obviously the owners are not anal and their bag benefits by this as it patinas quicker. If you keep being uber careful the patina just won't develop as well.

    Unless you want to keep this as a museum piece you play with when at home, then that is a different story.

    BTW, I too am super anal and don't enjoy things as much as I could. This is why I rarely carry my box Kellys and feel awful for hanging on to them, but I justify it by thinking my daughters can enjoy them in the future unless I have a turnabout in my analness and I start doing it first.
  9. This is the same logic I have with my LV Murakami, I've used it twice and felt paranoid about it so decided it will become an heirloom for my children
  10. I collect vintage costume jewelry and my motto is, if I can't wear it, I don't want it. If it's too fragile, too expensive, too anything to be enjoyed by me, then it should go somewhere where someone will love it and use it...

    If you are unsure about selling it, let the idea percolate for a bit and see how you feel about it in a week or two, now that you've admitted it to yourself. Then you won't feel as though you rushed into anything, either...

    Good luck with your decision...!
  11. I also had a 36CM HAC in Chevre, oh beautiful Chevre, but even when I carried it a few times, something just wasn't clicking. Yes, its a rare size and yes its a beautiful rare leather, but its useless collecting dust and I do not see myself as a collector, so I let it go. A few pangs of guilt yes, but genuinely I know I wasn't going to use it.
  12. I agree, once i have the thought in the back of my head...its just bound to a time when I am ready.

    Its really lovely. I am anal. I am picky and like things perfect. This bag is so gorg....its getting from point A to point B.....from new to patina that is hard for me.

    the middle...is the hard part.

    gee, I don't know. I know Hermes wants you to use the heck out of their stuff....and I just don't use it....I use the heck out of my raisin birkin and my red...as well as my black kelly (still working on my vert anis ostrich)

    but this one I don't.
  13. Sell it!!!
    I totally agree with gazoo....

    if its not working for you, you cannot carry it with ease, and then what is the point!!
    There is a leather for everyone, and if this is not your :heart: match, move on!

  14. I say sell it and get something that will stand up to some abuse. Think how nice it would be to use a bag daily and not worry about it. I think you like the IDEA of vache naturel, just not the REALITY. I can't even have box calf because of the scratching/patina issue.
  15. oh I bet that is amazing. I love the size.....but its the leather. the untreated leather is amazing.

    I know it can be oiled, I just don't have the guts for it.

    and when I carried it the new times I did...I was like people move out of the way.

    I think what did it...when I carried it to a meeting one day....and when I was getting in the car, I stuck it in its dust bag and my secretary said...oh you have a bag to carry your bag? really confused.