would it be silly to have 2 mini-flaps?

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  1. hey girls! as most of you would know (if you read my thread haha) i just bought a peach mini flap. i found another one that i quite like but it's in a salmon pink - i've attached pics below. do you think it's silly to have two of these? should i save up and buy a bigger flap?

    oh and which one does everyone like better?

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  2. to be honest, the colors are quite close. Unless you have specific outfits that you wanted these two bags to match, I think you should return the lesser one you like and buy a medium or jumbo flap.

    Both are very cute bags though -- great colors for spring and summer!
  3. i love mini flaps but they dont fit much i would love to have mini flaps in all colors
  4. i also torn with my two medium classic red bags, but to be honest, if u love them, keep them ... if not get another one
  5. I love mini flap and your bags are sooooo cute! Although their color are in the same tone but Pink is my fav. so keep them both if you like.
  6. I prefer the peach one.
    It's a rare color and you don't see that as much as pink.

    The pink one is cute, ALL mini flaps are cute :tup:, but it's lambskin.
    I think you will get much more use out of the peach caviar.
  7. LOL I was bidding on the salmon pink one! hahahaha
    but have stopped now and decided not to go for it as with the price hikes I am firm on only going after bags I really really really really want plus I already have a black lambskin baby classic.

    IMHO I think to have very similar bags will get on your nerves if in the near future there is another bag that you fall in love with.

    My collection consists of Denim Cabas, Baby Classic in Black Lambskin silver H/W, Patchwork quilt flap, White/black Medium Cambon and an E/W red lambskin with bijoux chain because I am trying to make my collection as versatile as possible. I only have two other bags on my wishlist and then I will give up buying Chanel bags.
  8. I think the colours are too similar to justify buying both bags I think you should save the money and buy a classic bag such as a medium in black caviar. out of the two pinks I prefeer the peach but it depends onwhat goes well with your skin tone :biggrin:
  9. The colors are close and to be perfectly honest, I think that mini flap just looks way too small on most people and it just isn't functional. I'd buy one in that color that is a bigger version.
  10. i think you should save up for a bigger one