Would it be pushy...

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  1. If I e-mailed my buyer and asked when she intended to pay?

    Heres the deal...

    I sold a scarf on eBay on the 11th. My buyer was the highest bidder, and I promptly mailed out the invoice.

    I've heard nothing from her...but in hopes of getting the scarf mailed out before the holiday, I keep checking.

    Today I noticed that the buyer actually has very few transactions...all of which were completed on February 12th...those are the transactions she actually paid for and received feedback for. She has 21 total...10 of which were completed between the 11th and 12th of this month.

    I'm now wondering if she's not going to pay at all since she had multiple transaction on that day but neglected to pay for mine...

    This isn't a huge ticket item...but I have the opportunity to do a 2nd Chance offer and don't want to lose another potential buyer waiting on this one...

    TIA! :search:
  2. I just wanted to also let everyone know...the items she bought, outside of mine, make me wonder if this was some sort of fraud...

    1. USB Charger
    2. Wall Charger
    3. Dog Coat
    4. Dog Boots
    5. Silver Ring
    6. Lotion
    7.Bath and Body Works Coupon

    And the rest is private....

    All purchases were under $30.00 ... all bought within minutes of each other...
  3. After 4 days you can just open a non-paying on ebay and when/if she does not answer this or pay, you can sell to the 2nd chance person?
  4. ^^^Thank you!

    I'm pretty sure at this point it was nothing more than a scam. Everything bought, including handcuffs (??) was under $10.00. The buyer has only been on eBay since January 30th...Mine was the "most expensive" item.
  5. Your buyer may still pays. Probably a payment reminder will make her pay. Worth a try.
  6. If she is not responding after 4 days I would do a second chance offer and non paying bidder.
  7. Don't make a second chance offer until you go through the NPB case. If you do that and she pays, you have the chance for 2 negatives.
  8. I would ask your buyer if she still wants your item. And at the same time, I would ask the second bidder if they would be interested if the first bidder doesn't pay. Sometimes you luck out and the second bidder is interested & willing to wait for you.

  9. ^ agree here.. you may want to give her a 2nd reminder,

    and if she doesn't respond after 4 days, you can do a NPB strike

    and offer it to your other buyer.. good luck