Would it be obnoxious..

  1. ..If I were to go to an H boutique and ask if they had Jpg Birkins/HAC´s? I mean just theoretically, do they group all Birkin´s with the Birkins? Or would I just be sent back with "sorry mam there is no way" since I don´t have a relationship with an SA?
  2. Nola, go in, browse, strike up a conversation with an SA, look at the scarves, ask about the history of the HAC (but call it by the full name), blah,blah, blah, and then gently ask......
  3. I have done that. The only way to know is to ask. I will ask for those by name. I think that if you asking for these they figure you know something about the brand and you know what you want.
  4. Have a conversation and bring it in to the conversation. I have found a few great items this way. GL!
  5. Thanks for your opinions ladies! I wouldn´t want to seem like I was only out for the "it" bag. Browsing, talking about the designs would be the best approach imo too. Maybe then if I have the courage could I ask to see the bags.
  6. What can it hurt? Even if there is nothing for you that day, maybe you can find a SA that you will like.
  7. How do you correctly pronounce the full name of the HAC? If I were to do that myself I wouldn't want to put my foot in my mouth by saying something like "Hoot ay corroys"
  8. Hmm...
    (that's my best guess)
  9. Thanks Jag!!
  10. Jag, you are too fast and too good! Does hubby say that as well?
  11. Thanks Jag!!
  12. LOL! You are so bad! Love ya!