Would it be crazy if I....

  1. Ok, ladies would it be crazy to get the simple pump in patent if I already have it in kid leather? I have a pair of black simple pumps 100mm in kid leather. Now, I'm thinking of getting it in patent leather, but black 70mm. I don't know, but I am having second thoughts since they are similar. :confused1:
  2. No, you would not be crazy. Patent and kid are two completely different things. Get them.

    Cristina = total enabler :nuts:
  3. No way!!! Why would you be crazy???? I aree, they are different. Get them!!!:yahoo:
  4. I say go for it. I am a firm believer that you never have enough simple pumps. They are such great classics and so comfortable that it hasn't stopped me from buying multiple pairs of them.
  5. You wouldn't be crazy! Go for it! It's a different material AND height so really, it's a different shoe!
  6. I don't think it'd be crazy - two completely different effects..unless you have your eye on another color as well..then maybe go for that first?
  7. nope they are completely different;)
  8. absolutely not crazy! :lol:
  9. I'm also getting them in nude patent.
  10. not crazy...but if it were me, i would think about another color.
  11. i say go for it!! especially because kid leather and patent are so different!!
  12. If you love them get them- you are not crazy!!! The simple pump is so versatile and just a great shoe, so you should totally do it!!
  13. Definitely not crazy! They both have such different looks. I have them in black kid and totally want black patent too!
  14. Get them!! If you love a style, getting it in another color isn't crazy, its smart!!
  15. Not crazy at all...but I would suggest getting them in 100 they 're just so sexy in that heelhight and patent is great for going out, what the "nudes" are concerned they are totally diffrent!