Would it be Black Motard Biker or Brown?

  1. Just wondering... and wishing... if you could, which color would you choose?
  2. I liked the black one the best or....if price was no object, an exotic :drool:
  3. Brown. It just looks 'yummier' than the black when seen close up, and contrasts nicely with the shoulder strap :hrmm:
  4. black
  5. I say black ... but if I had the $$$ to SO it, it'd be :love:purple:love:
  6. I saw the brown and immediately fell deeply in love with it. I'd have to say the brown.
  7. Well you guys are no help! :roflmfao: Just a few replies but I am already more confused. I thought you all would be heavily one way or the other - not split!
    I am very seriously considering getting this bag :shame: and of course it comes down to which color? I am a serious lover of brown and would want to be able to use the bag all year round (thus the reluctance towards black) BUT there is something appealing about the uniformity of the black that kind of makes it special.... Being such a brown lover though - maybe I best not stray away from my usual tried and true....
  8. If you love brown, get the brown. It's a rich color and the black trim means you can wear it with black, too. Get what you like and know you will use.
  9. The brown is sooooooo gorgeous!!!! and like the previous poster said you can also wear it with black!! The best of both worlds!!!
  10. I always choose anything in black... it looks SOOOO much sexier IMO.
  11. i love the black so much more. i'm getting the motard pochette and the black suits it so well.
  13. I haven't seen the brown IRL, but I have seen the black which was soooo gorgeous! My SA told me that the only reason why the black one was on display was that the lady who waitlisted for it changed her mind and got the brown instead as soon as she saw the brown! LOL I think you ought to get the brown since you love that color more.
  14. If I was going to get this bag I would choose brown. I think it makes the detailing stand out and the colour is very rich looking. But then I love Autumn colours.
  15. Black.....black can be worn all year....I noticed you said you were reluctant to get black because you want to wear it year round.