would i regret selling my one and only jumbo?

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  1. well, the jumbo i own is a still new with tag on 10C RED caviar jumbo! i love love the pop color! every tme i take it out of the closet, my heart beats faster. but after 1 yr since purchase, i havent got the courage to wear it. yes, it takes courage haha...most of my clothe and bags r neutral color and understated. sometime i feel red is too eye catching for me, but other days, i tell myself it's time to add some pop color to my collection. i am torn here. i did recently get a brilliant red patent woc and i use it mostly for night time only and love it because it's much smaller. however, i still use my navy metallic reissue and my purple lamb woc more often!

    what shall i do? i hope i dont regret my choice!
  2. try to carry it with jean or black dressing.
    I bet it would be lovely pop out the rest !
  3. you shld keep it. Jumbos are going to have double flap for cruise... you might not find one easily at the price you paid for in the future.
  4. keep it! the red is gorgeous. i am also a neutral person but i use bright color bags to brighten my outfit. it's just a matter of getting used to it.:biggrin:
  5. No, you could just give it to me for free! :lol:
  6. Keep it!!!!!
  7. Def keep it! You try carrying it for a bit more casual occasions when you have jeans on. But if you do decide to sell the prices are just going uphill from now on...if you still decide to sell it you can get bigger bang for your bucks a little later.
  8. KEEP IT!!! Or I'll take it :P hehe.... I love that red. Its very hard to find.
  9. I would hold on to that baby. 10C is a great HTF Red and new jumbos will have double flaps and cost alot more than you paid. It's a gorgeous bag, just break her out!
  10. I can understand why everyone would tell you to keep it. it is truly a gorgeous red. very hard to find at that. a lot is looking for it and you can consider yourself lucky for having it... BUT i know how you feel about getting up the courage to use such an eyecatching red colored bag and a chanel at that! it not only screams red but at the same time it screams luxury! and some people are just not into that kind of attention. i would think that maybe you will grow into that mode of readiness but seeing you havent used it for 1 yr... i think you should let it go and get a black jumbo or perhaps a reissue. for the price of what you are going to make for that beauty, you should be able to buy yourself either one.

    good luck!
  11. well said! maybe i should try to take it out a few times and see if i can get used to the attention it gets.

    i do own two reissues, navy metallic and 05 gray. i prefer reissue becoz of its logoless :P

    ha, it takes courage to wear it but even more courage to sell it!
  12. Keep it. Its gonna be about 5K before you know it.
  13. ^^I agree! You might regret it later on. Plus, we have double flaps looming in the future and I'm sure more price increases. 10C red is a gorgeous bag...keep it!
  14. i honestly say you should keep it. it;s too gorgeous!
    try to wear it with casual outfits, or all black outfits will look great with red chanel
  15. I'm not a red person myself but I vote to keep it. With the double flaps coming, these current, normal (haha) flaps will be hard to find, let alone brand new and in that pretty red color.