Would I regret selling my '08 2.55 reissue?

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2010
    Hi Ladies, I don't really think I've ever posted in here but to ask a reference question. So thank you for looking. I don't know all the details about my bag, I am not an expert. It was $2850, tag says Classic bag with flap, it;s the more metallic black with black chain and hardware. I do know it's the 2.55 reissue and I've only used it about 3 times.

    The thing is when I bought it times were different. I was dying for the bag, and knew I would take it out for special use. I would interchange it with my Prada or Gucci or other bag of the moment. I envisioned passing it down to one of my daughters..It was a forever bag.

    But now with the economy my handbag hay days are over. I still like to have a nice bag, but nothing above about $1500. I'm really wanting something now for everyday use.

    Do I sell the Chanel because Chanel will always be there and I really don't need my money tied up in this right now? Would I get my money back out of it if the back is in absolute perfect condition? Or do I hold on to it for sentimental sake? Other options include shopping for an everyday bag xxxxxxx not allowed to discuss xxxxx, selling some things on ebay to raise funds, etc.

    So this is all a bit personal, and excuse me for being so candid...just hoping to get an understanding for how much these bags really mean to some of you as I know there are certainly collectors who flip them and buy new and different styles to further their collections, and others who simply just covet owning an authentic Chanel.

    Thank you!!
  2. Is there any other bags that you can sell? Maybe look in your collection and sell the ones you don't need? It sounds to me like it was your HG bag and you got it way back in 08. If you let it go, u might regret it and the possibility of fidning it again might be less let alone the old price. Flap bag price is insane now lol.

    If I were you I would keep it because I don't think I can justify paying close to $4000 now for a chanel classic flap. Chanel flap bags are classic and will be in style forever...

    Unless you rly rly rly need to then sell this bag. HTH & GL with watever you decide on ;)
  3. Personally if you can hold off on selling your reissue I would suggest that. Just because the price of chanel is going up and what you have is a classic therefore it holds its value and it'll always going to be in style. I would keep it and maybe sell you're other bags.

    But as kylienarak said, If you really really need to sell it then thats a different story.
    Update us when you decide :biggrin:
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    Thanks this is helpful. For one thing the closest Chanel boutique is Chicago and I have not looked at prices in awhile, I had no idea they had sky-rocketed. And, no I do not need to sell it to keep food in the kitchen or clothes on our backs. That would be an obvious choice and I know you all would do the same. It's more like I can't go buy a new bag as I please like I used to be able to. I might be able to treat myself to one every year or so. I've just been longing for a great everyday bag, maybe a YSL roady or something like that, and I keep thinking if this Chanel was not sitting in the closet collecting dust, I could actually buy a new bag, new shoes, etc. But a different approach is probably to sell an older Prada, a couple pairs of shoes, and maybe raise the funds that way. It sounds like with price increases I should perhaps look at this Chanel as an actual investment piece! I truly had no idea they had jumped so much. This is really helping. I look at Chanels xxxxx not allowed to discuss this xxxxx every once in awhile but since I'm so unfamiliar with all the styles, I get a little overwhelmed.
  5. yes, Chanel has had several price increases since u got that bag...the reissue has gone up the most thou i'm not certain about the metallics...they were only offered a couple of seasons & are not current...dont know where that puts your bag with regard to selling value?? i've read posts where some gals have found metallics & paid same as regular
    leather reissues...i'm also on the fence about selling my red metallic from that same year...maybe one of the other ladies knows more about the value of metallics - anyone??
  6. Some metallics will have a higher resale value. The black metallics tend to do very well and are highly sought after. Your black w/black hardware is one of them. You would do well if you sold it, but personally, I'd hold on to it. I sold my black metallic a couple of years ago and regret it. It's a gorgeous bag!
  7. I would keep it until you are absolutely sure you don't want it. When things got lean I sold a red jumbo, and I have huge regrets over this. With all of the increases I'll probably never have one again. Sigh.
  8. I would keep it. It's a good investment as the prices are only going up for these bags. It's more of a sure thing than the stock market.
  9. ^ :lol: I'm an idiot when it comes to stock market, but I agree with what you said.
    Keep the bag if you can and only if you still like the bag ;)
  10. I would keep it if I were you, provided that it's not a necessity for you to sell the bag.
    As you said it isn't, seriously keep it. Pretty soon the reissues will fetch $5K I'm sure!
  11. My SA just told me that Chanel is anticipating another price increase before the end of the year. With that said, I would keep ur timeless classic 2.55. Your Reissue will double its value in a matter of time!!!
  12. It's a good investment. I would keep it.
  13. I too would keep it. If you sell it and regret it, it will be hard to get the same bag again.
  14. Keep it, sell other things that you are not really using and not an investment considerably.
  15. This is such great advice and I really appreciate your help so much!! You all have been great. I have never seen a brand increase at such a crazy rate as Chanel does, but yet when you own a Chanel you know it's a forever bag, so obviously it keeps people coming back for more. It for sure makes me realize buying a new 2.55 in the future would probably be out of the question.