Would I pay and duties/fees?

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  1. I want to buy a bag from a seller is Australia. She said I do not have to pay taxes but do I have to pay any duties or anything like that??
  2. where you come from?It depends which country you come from.if there is any duties and tax apply you as a buyer will need to pay for it.these will apply based on the price of the items.
  3. The total with shipping would be a little over $3K and I am in the US.
  4. Then yes you would be charged customs and duty fees. This varies depending on country...customs and duty fees to the US is more reasonable than other countries. These fees have to be paid every time you purchase something internationally.
  5. Most likely you will have to pay customs fees.
  6. What ashame.. I asked the buyer and this she responded "No taxes with me" or something along those lines.. making me think the same for duties (since I asked this too). How can I figure out what I would have to pay?
  7. can you find any information from US customs website about buying over the internet?
  8. I'm having trouble finding anything. Grr.
  9. Sounds like she'd probably knock the quoted price of the item down which could/would put her at risk if it was opened and deemed to be worth a higher value.
  10. This isn't quite true though, many girls have never paid any duties on international purchases, it's the luck of the draw .
  11. Yes for whatever reason a lot of the US girls seem to find they are lucky and don't get charged them - always be prepared though - your seller should definitely declare full price on the customs forms.

    I think it also depends which service is used in the country of origin and who picks it up in the US - they may also have their own charges. I believe customs/duties in the US are around 10-15% - certainly cheaper than most of Europe from what i remember - but someone correct me if i'm wrong!:biggrin:
  12. Sounds like she my undervalue the bag - double check with her - asking her directly how she marks her packages.
  13. True i'm not exactly sure how the US customs operates. I'm in Canada and I do not always get taxed if its a $500 or $300 purchase but on a large purchase like $3k then yes there would definetly be tax.
  14. Wow that is really reasonable! Ours can go as high as 30% and on a high value/luxury item they would charge the full 30%! :tdown: