would i NEED a men's weekender?

  1. i've been thinking about this the last few days...
    i'm getting a chance o own one in green like colours, not sure if it's sapin 06 or emerald green 06, i only take a quick glance look, but it's dark green colour, kinda forget too when i see the tag, but i'm almost positive it's sapin, because emerald 06 is a brighter colour right?

    as i've sold my caramel weekender, i only got one more weekender left for now, the turq '04.
    and honestly i rarely using it, because the colour's kinda too pale for my looks sometimes and i kinda afraid to use it :p

    now, i'm not really like falling in love at the first sight with this men's we, but when i tried it on and the handles is comfortable in me although it's not stretched yet, it GOT me...
    but i also have a thing for used bags, i rarely purchased a new b bag because i liked it when it's already slouched and soft.

    as for the colours, i borrowed these from the documenting balenciaga colours thread.

    is it more like this :
    or this ?

  2. I believe it is the second one. I think the first is emerald. If you don't love it, then hold out for that "I'm gonna die if I don't have it" feeling.
  3. i agree, it's totally the 2nd color - i had it in the day. it's a super dark gorgeous color, my bag was very shiny, beautiful. it works with a lot of things, but i think it's a fall/winter color...
  4. thanks for the responses :smile:

    yes, i thought of waiting for a while and see if i really wanted it or not, but it's been 2 days now and i'm still thinking about it :p
    would that mean, i'm loving it ;) ?
  5. sea, you kill me with the weekenders you tiny thing you! i bet if we curled you up into the fetal position we could fit you in it! (same here though only 5' nada)

    i like the sapin. but remember if you're not loving it.... there's a reason.

  6. LOL, u're too funny, but kinda inspired me to open a "handbag circus" LOL
    the circus will have actions involving designer bags :roflmfao:

    i know, i'm such a sucker with we, i can't resist temptations :crybaby:

    i bet lot of people here kinda tired of reading me whining about weekenders ha ha ha
  7. for how much we all know that u love Weekenders, you only have one left???? but that's because u've been cheating with ur coco cabas vinyl!!! :graucho:

    I think sapin is gorgeous...
  8. ...always been a big emerald fan myself, but the sapin is def the second color.

    im currently scoping out a weekender:sneaky:
  9. In fact, my next aim will be the weekender size as well...but still debating which color to get...but personally i wuld choose sapin color over emerald.....since u have been thinkin abt these few days, i'm sure you will want to get it before you regret..that's me too, i will keep thinkin and thinkin......if i don't get it, i don't feel gd....wat an excuse....:dothewave:
  10. mintpearl :shame: i'm sorry but i have cheated over to chanels side for a while :p
    i couldn't help it :crybaby:
  11. Yes you have been cheating but with great and lovely results,:yes:
    they look so good on you girl.:yahoo:

    I loved your caramel or camel weekender, I `am not such a green person. But yes it could work for you.
    good luck and show us your modeling pics (i love them)

    U look great with big bags.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  12. I love this weekender, Seahorse!:love: I think you should go for it- I'm sure it'd look fabulous on you!:yes:
  13. The second one is sapin (I've seen it in a clutch in person and it's definitely the second one). I love it, love it, love it. It seems a very romantic color to me, and very natural, too.

    I think I'm getting over my confusion about the Weekender. On carryingcontraption.com, the manbag resource, the Weekender is regarded as a man's bag - but when they come up on eBay...they're always in the girl section.

    I see why.
  14. thank u fx, marieG :love:

    there's women's WE and men's WE.
    the difference is only the longer shoulder handles and no mirror on men's WE :yes:
  15. is the hardware different?