Would I miss my Mabel?

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  1. #1 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    My fuschia Mabel is right now sitting on a shelf at my local consignment shop.
    I have only used her a handful of times, so it made sense that she would be the first to go. BUT.....will I regret it?

    You ladies have so much experience buying and selling and I was just curious if any of you seriously regretted getting rid of any of your bags. I have never loved this bag and I am not a pink girl, but you never know.

    Maybe I am just afraid to get rid of my of my bag babies, even if it is a good idea!

    The only reason why I am asking really is that I have seen Jovi's and I am now thiking "hmmm..."
  2. Yes u said it your not a pnk girl u didnt take to her get rid and by something u going to love
  3. Nope, I've sold many bags - no regrets so far!
  4. I've never had any regrets either. Just seen it as a way of clearing funds and space for something new.
  5. LCF, no regrets here either - if it's not a colour you love it's not a bag that will get good use so best it is rehomed.

    I know it's not easy letting bags go but it's strangely satisfying once they find new homes.
  6. I love my mabel but if you didn't click with the colour its best to let it go.

    What is a consignment shop?
  7. There will always be another fab bag you really love to take the place of one youre a bit unsure about. Def better to let go and move on to the next one!
  8. I wondered that too? I want somewhere other than Ebay or LH to move a couple of bags on.
  9. I wouldn't worry - I think that mine might be excess to requirements too. We didn't feel like soul mates on our last trip out together.
  10. I had three and enjoyed them at the time but they've all gone, no regrets. I never thought I'd part with aqua or red Mabels but we'd had our time together and it was time to move on!
    Only you will know if you've made the right decision. If you're really unsure then grab fuchsia Mabel back but if, deep down, you know you could do without her, then let her go.
  11. I didn´t held on to my red Mabel as I never used her. Haven´t regret letting her go, nor Effie and Blenheim either as they weren´t for me.:smile: Good luck with your descision!
  12. I think you should be tough and get rid of it and replace it with something you don't have doubts about. I have a couple I don't use, so I think it's time to wave goodbye also - I'm having the same dilemna as you, but I know they'll go to waste in the wardrobe. So just do it! :greengrin:
  13. I had a pebble Mabel and we had a very short romance. No regrets at all! I quickly moved on and bought a bunch of other Mulberries. :P

    It's a place where you take your items to be sold and the shop sells them for you. They take a cut of the profit, obviously, but you make some money too. There are loads of them in the US, I used them quite a bit when it was time for a wardrobe clearout. I wish there were more here.
  14. I know that I can live without one if I can look at it every morning for 2 weeks without wanting to use it that day. If I can pick one out that I prefer for 14 days then its time to move her on. (Mulberry Ellie may not find this a good technique with 130 bags!):smile:

    The only one I've ever regretted selling is the Giles hobo but I couldn't carry it for more than 15 minutes at a time without ending up at the chiropractor, so I guess there wasn't much choice:sad:
  15. I say go for it Ladycornflake. You done the worse part by making the decision to let it go.