would i just be STUPID to not try to obtain this??

  1. this is a LE bag from the 2004-2005 winter collection. now, i tried to get this authenticated in the "authenticate this" thread but haven't heard anything yet. however, i just can't fathom the price on this baby. it retailed for almost $4000! if this is indeed real, would i be STUPID to not try and get it? i just posted this same bag in the "LV you always think about but will never have" thread, and low and behold here it is.

    i think it's real, but what do you all think? if it is, should i go for it? totally not planning this...

  2. If you really like it and find out that its authentic, then I say go for it. Did you ask the seller for more pictures of the bag? Personally I would b/c there are only pics of the outside so you'd want to see the inside and make sure.
  3. ^^^ no i haven't yet because i'm just so shocked that it's up there for such a low amount. i found the same bag that achimnelly is selling and i looked at all the placement of the LVs, the fleurs, etc, all looks good. but of course achimnelly is selling for $2222. lol.

    [EDIT]okay, i just sent them a message asking for more photos of the bag. lol.[/EDIT]
  4. maybe no one else has any thoughts? lol.
  5. i would get it. btw you shouldn't have posted the link here because there are so many resellers on this forum who bid on what people post,etc so now you might have to fight for it with some people like "thisismybuyingid" etc :sad::sad: good luck though!
  6. The bag looks good to me. I have looked at everything this seller is selling and it all looks good. I would of course wait for the pros in the Authentication Thread to respond. Oh and just because it is starting at $500 doesn't mean that the final price will be anything near $500...it is time for Auction Sniper!!!
  7. ^^^ oh well...i didn't know how else i should go about it. i'm just so shocked to have seen something like this.
  8. haha yep, i am aware of this too.

  9. So then you are saying that we should NEVER post in the Authentication Thread area either?
  10. wow! that is an incredible price! if its real- totally get it!!! good luck!
  11. Oh, I know you are. However, I will PM you in a bit...

  12. i know, right? i did post this there too.

  13. haha alrighty ;)
  14. this bag is so cute. if its authentic I would you should totally bid.

  15. I think that may have just happened to me with an agenda I was looking at. Funny, huh?