Would I get into trouble?

  1. I'm just so sick our all these sellers selling fake Bbags for ALOT of money :rant: !
    For example, this auction that just received a bid

    I'm so tempted to contact the bidder. Would I get into trouble for it? Would it be considered auction tampering? If I were buying a fake thinking that it's real, I would like someone to let me know.

    I'm so glad I've found this forum, so I would not be making a mistake like that! :yes:
  2. You can contact the bidder, i think.

    Please forgive my ignorance, how do you know that is a fake one?
  3. yes, if the bidder complains about you you WILL get into trouble w/ eBay, possibly suspended.
    I'll move this to Achtung Balenciaga for you now.
  4. i don't know about this, but i think i've read somewhere that if the seller reports you to ebay for interference, you might get into trouble? i'm not really sure though.
    btw, why do u think it's fake?
  5. I contacted the seller telling her it was a fake, and she sarcastically answered me that she didn't know Barney's sells fakes. It is fake, though - right? The color doesn't look right, and the bales look square.
  6. You can definitely get into trouble for contacting the bidder. I usually report the auction to eBay's fraud reporter and ask the seller if they know they're selling counterfeit goods. I even had one seller of a miserably fake Coach bag (that had bidders) tell me she knew it was fake, and wanted to give someone the ability to "carry COACH" without paying the price. Ugh.
  7. ok, i can't judge now, my friend's kid messing up with my computer now the monitor's is still in colour but bitmap. so i'll let u girls decide and please let us know. i hate if it turns out fake and someone sells it for that price.
    i'll show pics of my indigo and hers for comparison
    mine is the left, hers in the right.
    the lighting and angle may be different though
  8. it's fake, the bales are square.
  9. oh my... then someone must've warn that poor girl bid on this bag :crybaby:
    i've seen this bag but never occured it's a fake. i guess i STILL NEED to learn more from you girls
  10. um, i have emailed the bidder saying the bags fake, i did it this morning... maybe i shouldn't have
  11. Oh and look at the "R" in Paris! It's touching the "I"...So fake.
  12. Look at the sticking. Seahorses' is nice and straight. The fake is zigzagged. :yucky:
  13. the bidder has retracted her bid and was very grateful that i emailed her
  14. ^^that's good! that's super nice of you to do that!
  15. Saving one victim at a time... she is the "Super PFer!"