Would I be wrong to use a business tote as...?

  1. An everyday bag? I love big bags, but is a business tote pushing it. I love the utility of all the compartments.
  2. I don't see why you couldn't. There are plenty of handbags out there that look like briefcases (I think), such as Hermes Birkin & Kelly, Mulberry Bayswater, etc. That one is a fun color!
  3. Like it--can you tell us what bag it is?
  4. I like it. The bright color makes it look less like a business tote.
  5. Why not?? You can use whatever bag you please as an everyday bag. A business tote makes good for with all the pockets. I agree about the color..it makes it look less business-y.
  6. That is a great looking bag, one you could carry for business or pleasure. I once had a beautiful blue pebbled leather business tote from Franklin Covey that I used as an every day bag. When I got tired of it (short bag attention span) a co-worker bought it from me because she loved it so much. If you love it, carry it!:tup:
  7. I agree, in this color it works fine as an everyday bag. It's almost too casual for work!
  8. Don't see why not!
  9. I use one all the time. It looks better if you are wearing businessy type clothing though. Doesn't have to be a suit but perhaps a blouse and jeans.
  10. Oh my goodness you are right on the money! It is FC. I love them!
  11. Franklin Covey. They sale them at Target now but not the really nice ones.
  12. Fendi,
    I think also, if you put some charms or similar on there, that would make it look less businessy.(not a real word..:rolleyes:, right?)....but you know what I mean!!

    OMG, I just went online to see the FC tote...they have alot of nice BIG totes and I have been looking for a perfect BIG bag for work!!! :tup:

    Thank you!
  13. No thank you! That's a great idea.