Would I be totally crazy...

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  1. to order like 4 or 5 Spiaggia Luna's from Nordstrom.com... hoping one will have the perfect placement... and then return the rest?:confused1:

    (Easier to order something online when I can do the returm to an actual store)
  2. Nope. I've done that before. I don't think that anyone here will think that's odd at all.
  3. ETA: Of course asking here is sort of like asking the guy sitting next to you in the bar if you drink too much.
  4. Go for it.. Heck.. Sell the rest on eBay.. lol... :smile:
  5. LOL! Yeah, other people may not understand why we do that but in here, when it comes to finding our perfect placement, nothing is totally out of line. Go for it!
  6. haha alot of people do that!
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. lunas are pretty big though - you'll get all of the print on all of them!
  9. I know... but I was thinking like... I want the water scene at the bottom so it's more like a real landscape. Oh boy, I HAVE gone crazy!:wtf:
  10. Not Crazy at all. Norides has a great return policy so you wont have a problem returning the rest u dont want
  11. I did the same thing getting my nearly perfect Spiaggia Dolce print. I ordered 3 from LeSportsac in hopes one would be decent and fortunately one was. Only drawback was paying for shipping.:shrugs:
  12. That's the good thing about Nordstrom. They have $5 flat shipping no matter how much you order. And I can return it directly to a store, so I don't have to ship the return.
  13. Go for it! Also let me know which one u return it to so I can go and get one! (Im in chicago too!) Thank you!!!
  14. lol ill just go with the flow... do it! hahaha :graucho:
  15. nope! i've ordered 6 amore giocos from macys n returned it...the sales lady thought i was a genius!! lolz
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