would i be mad?????

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  1. oh the postal services drive me mad!!!!
  2. Aw, that sucks. Still, the waiting is all part of the anticipation. Thank how excited you'll be when the finally turn up! :yahoo:

    I've got two coming-definately on a bag ban now! One is from America. Fingers crossed it doesn't incur any charges but the seller went out of her way to make it out as a birthday gift. yay! It's so frustrating waiting for gorgeous bags but so worth it!
  3. oooooo what have you got coming??? a whisky maybe???
    im gona try and find a silver paddington and then thats me done for a while!
    no more ebay, i wont even look on there its just to tempting!
  4. i hate to wait. but i love when they come to my doorstep! fedex is my friend.
  5. 3packages have turned up!!!! i love them all to which is even better!
  6. Yep, full tracking and insurance but they didn't scan it so they didn't know where it was! :cursing:

    Luckily they scanned it eventually along the way, and it arrived only a day late and the swap went through :tup:
    So I've said bye bye to my mousse and I now have another mini paddy! :yahoo: Still not as many mini's as you, but getting there slowly! :P
  7. i only have 2 now the noir ones gone!!!
    come on then post some pics!
  8. Pics!!
  9. haha, i want to post pics too, but I'm going away for the weekend after work tomorrow and can't find my camera charger. I will continue the search for the charger as soon as I get back :yes:
  10. Hey qwerty what colour is your new baby?
  11. Its a blanc- my first light coloured Chloe! :tup: And she is beautiful.....

    I will post pics when I can.
  12. im so jealous!!! i love the lighter colours!
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