would i be mad?????

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  1. mad bags, where do you sell your bags, if you don't mind me asking? Is there anywhere else apart from ebay? I know there is a marketplace on this forum, but seems impossible to get put on the list from what I've read in past posts.

  2. I am confused!what is the difference between the medium and baby (sizewise).
  3. ^^Every time I see your name I think of the showtime series "Dexter" are you familiar with it?
  4. yeah me to muggles, i watched that dexter recently!

    dexter ill get you some measure measurements!
  5. i sell them on fashion spot on yahoo, there are a lot of TPfers on there which is good to.

    some people have bought bags off me before and they just email me from time to time to see what im thinking about selling which is good!
  6. Do you like Dexter? I have become hooked!
  7. yeah its good i have only seen it a few times, as i work nights so miss all the good things on tv!
  8. i would keep one
  9. haha, yes yes, waiting on another mini paddy! Can't keep me away! :P

    It should have been here by now so I'm worried that the post office doesn't like me anymore after I raised a complaint with them.... :Push:

    Hopefully it gets here later today or tomorrow :smile:
  10. oh fingers crossed it should make you feel better to!
  11. Oh, can't wait to see your new bag!!
  12. I think bag*mad*bag's will arrive first, there's been a massive problem with the post office here and I might not have my new bag at all :sad: they can't track the one I sent to swap it with! :Push:

    What's with Chloes lately? Nothing seems to be going smoothly!

  13. I have watched it once I think :P:P
  14. OMG what????
    did you send it by tracking?
  15. I mailed a package to Australia on the 23rd of May and it just arrived yesterday!Post Office said it would arrive in 6 days! Ha!
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