would i be mad?????

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  1. ok so i will keep miss choco coz she has a vintage charm!!
    love it!
  2. oh no ladies i have seen a baby choco on ebay, should i sell my regular paddy?
  3. You should do what makes you happy!!
  4. Do you think it's really chocolate, I think it could be brun?

    I must say you are amazing at spotty bargins on ebay, I have a quick look everyday and didn't even see this one!

    my opinion if it's 06 chocolate and you would prefer a baby then buy it, if it's brun I'm not so sure.

  5. yeah the choco is so much nicer!!!
  6. You know, I'm starting to come round to your way of thinking. I just got rid of my medium mousse even though I loved the silver hardware, to make room for a new baby paddy! The regular is just too heavy sometimes, and especially now I'm sick, the regulars weigh a ton!!!

    So now I've 2 mediums and 2 minis, and I'm contemplating selling my regular chocco......

    Never the Jeans Moyen though, I don't care how heavy it gets, it's the most beautiful bag in the world :heart:
  7. What has everyone got against the chocolate!! Poor choco, no one loves her any more!! Qwerty, hope you are getting better!
  8. qwerty, your jeans moyen is gorgeous. i saw your pics on another thread!
  9. Thanks! :heart: I think I'm in love with it, which is scary :P It's my most favorite bag ever, I've wanted it since I first got into Chloe.

    Ah muggles, I do love my choco, but I feel she is a bit too heavy lately, I'm a sick little weakling and the regulars are just too heavy, haha.
    I'd replace her with a choco mini.... :graucho: But I think other ladies here have seen that one on ebay too!
    I am getting better, but still not got my voice back which is driving me crazy. I miss talking...
  10. i love my chocolate quilted bay. she's cute!
  11. ahhh poor qwerty234!?
    its madness itnt bit, well done for getting rid of the mousse! hope it helped your cc?
    if i can get that mini choco i will sell mine!

  12. :sweatdrop: well, you see...there was another bag I wanted.....but I didn't have the credit so I... um... Well, I traded my mousse for another Chloe. :P
    So no, it didn't help my credit card, but I'm sure it will help my recovery and get me back to work sooner, not carrying that heavy bag around all day... :shame:
    Good luck with the choco mini! If it's the one on ebay, I made an offer on it (before coming on here and reading how everyone else wants it!) but haven't heard back yet, so I think the seller is waiting on other better offers.
  13. qwerty, get to feeling better and then start taking the med. paddys out for strolls and you'll get some muscles and won't be weak and then you can :party:
  14. haha, you know if I had any idea how to make a youtube video, I'd make a Chloe exercise one! :roflmfao:

    I took a stroll from the car to the post office today and felt faint, so embarrassing. Had to have my sister hold my bags! :Push: So sticking with minis for the time being, before I start the Chloe regular paddy exercise program! :roflmfao:
  15. ohhh another mini paddy i beleive??
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