would i be mad?????

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  1. would i be mad to sell my 2 regular paddingtons?
    im in love with the baby paddingtons that i have recently bought! i find the regular ones just to heavy for my small frame!
  2. if you're not THAT into it..then go with ur gut feeling...its gonna be a waste if they just stay in your closet :P
  3. Well, you ARE BMB!!!
  4. yeah i know i had 4 previously,
    a tan, a jeans moyen, the aubergine and the chocolate!
    ive now sold 2 of these and TBH i dont miss them,
    i thought maybe i could buy something different??
  5. *mad*
    If you rather have something else then no reason keeping really. Personally I mainly wear large bags but I do keep some small ones around for the occations it is necessary. It would be good having a larger bag than the baby paddy but you did the silverado which is quite roomy I think. I have actually never seena silverado in real life but only on pics.
  6. OMG :nuts:!!!
    Don´t sell them...:drool::sad:...
    I loveee large bags...:yes::sad::yes:...
  7. oh i have not stopped using the silverado since i got it! ita very beautiful bag!
    maybe i should only sell one of them and keep one incase i want to use it!
  8. Good idea :yes:!
    Please, keep one large Paddy...:smile::okay::yes:.
  9. keep at least (if not both) of the regular paddys. they're really not that big, but more importantly, USE them... if not then don't keep both, just one.
  10. my BF thinks im mad to sell them!
    how much do think ill get for them?
  11. OMG how could you sell 06 chocolate, a wonderful bag and an aubergine!!! You naughty girl!! You do what pleases you! But I could never part with my 06 choco. just too special!!I am only 5'4" but I am in lust with the medium paddy!!! I want more, more more!!!!!!
  12. Yes, you would be mad. :nuts:
    Keep the Paddy's just in case, you might want them in the winter. That choco Paddy is so htf and a really great bag!

    Unless you really need the money...
  13. ^^ Where have you been girl? Missed you!
  14. no,
    i dont really need the cash, i just thought about having a a clear out as i hopefully have some new bags to make way for!!!
    maybe i should keep them!!!
  15. Those 2 colors you have are great and probably hard to come by again! I would keep those, unless you are absolutely sick of them! And I would hope that would never happen!!:graucho:
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