Would I be happy with these guys?

  1. I have a credit from Coach to spend, it's burning a hole in my wallet (actually i'm afraid to lose it), so I need to spend it NOW. I was waiting for the new collection to come in, but most of it is suede, and i'm just too lazy to take care of a suede bag. I also need something big for everyday use as I have a toddler. Do you think these two bags are classic bags that I could use for awhile? I like the legacy bags buy they aren't big enough, I think?
    brshoulder.jpg largecarryall.jpg
  2. I love the brown! But it doesn't have a zip top, which can be annoying for some people. I like the shape of the black one. Do you have a store near you that you could try some on at? That way you'll know the sizes and what would be big enough for you. I think both styles are classic.
  3. I'd go for the black one-always a classic!:yes:
  4. I love the second one! Get it!!!
  5. I actually may have enough of a credit to buy both. I'm just wondering if both bags are too similar? Maybe I should just get one, and look for something different later?
  6. They are totally different. You will see that in the store. I always have a hard time making a decision.
  7. I love both of those!
  8. I have similiar bags in both styles, and the answer is yes and yes. The first one is a bit more casual though, so that is something to think about.
  9. I LOVE the second one! I really want that bag, and hopefully I can get it by June of next year. I think it's a nice, big bag.
  10. Get the brown tote for sure. I have it and love it. It's really roomy, and the fact that it has no closed top doesn't bother me; it's actually great because you can take out stuff in a hurry really easily (phone, wallet, change, etc) so it's really useful. It looks amazing and the leather feels great. The colour is gorgeous too:yes:
  11. I like the black, it is so classic and beautiful!