Would I be crazy to sell my Large Grey Betty and get a black Bay bag?? read on

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  1. I've worn my large betty less than 5 times and it is in immaculate like new condition. I find that i'm not in love with it and i think i'd be in love with a Bay bag. Should i do it? I can't afford to have both...this purse obession is breaking my bank!
  2. If you don't love it I say sell it! And get something you will love. I like them both but if I had to choose I'd rather have the bay.
  3. If selling is an option definitely sell the one you don't love! I hope you can get good money for it and you will be thrilled with the Bay. This is really a no-brainer. I was so happy to return my too large Betty tote - for a smaller Betty and I have NEVER regretted it.
  4. do you have pics? (can you tell i might be interested? :P)
    i don't think it's crazy to sell a bag you're not in love with for one that you are.
  5. I'd keep the betty especially if it has the rings on the zippers. the leather on the betty is wayyy better than the bay. Plus, unless you have seen the bay IRL and tried it on --- which I'm assuming you haven't because you said you THINK you'll fall in love.... don't be so quick to throw away the betty. I saw the bay in pics and wanted one soooo bad. seen it IRL, and it didn't do anything for me.
  6. Sputnik - i sent you a PM
  7. I am a big fan of the betty (the leather gets so soft over time) and don't like the style of the Bay. Its important to have a bag you love...
  8. I greatly prefer the Bay to the Betty. Make sure you see it irl before you get rid of your Betty, but if you don't use your Betty and aren't in love with it, then you should sell it and get something you LOVE
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